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Brawl Stars March 2020 Update New Matchmaking System Coming

Brawl Stars March 2020 Update

Hi guys, Brawl Stars March 2020 Update is coming very soon and In Brawl Stars March 2020 Update new improvement to matchmaking ( Underdog ).

Brawl Stars March 2020 Update

Hey Brawlers!

Many of you have provided feedback about matches that feel unfair because a player’s trophies were lower than they should be. We hope that we have a solution to this! First, a bit of background about how matchmaking works. This problem can often arise when a group of 2 is paired with a solo player.

If, for example, Dani(700 Trophies) and Ryan(400 trophies) are in a game room together and go into matchmaking, then they will be matched based on Dani’s(700) Trophies. This is intended in order to prevent matchmaking exploits. Now a third solo player Frank(700) joins our team. For Frank, this seems totally broken! Why is Ryan(400) on our team? Now Frank is at a disadvantage!

We always want friends (regardless of Trophy level) to be able to play together. Brawl is just more fun with friends. So, we’re introducing the Underdog system. In the above example, Frank will become the “Underdog” player. He will lose fewer Trophies in a loss and gain more Trophies for a win.

Here are the details:

The Underdog system is only used in 3v3 modes and does not affect Solo/Duo Showdown. Your Underdog status will be shown when entering a match (and also at the end). You can become an Underdog in two scenarios:

  1. You are matched with two other players who are in a team and have a 200+ Trophy difference between them

  2. You are matched against an enemy team whose average Brawler Trophies is 200+ higher than your teams’.

Note! If you use ‘Play Again’ you will lose Underdog status.

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