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Ultimate Brawl Stars Mr.P Guide 2020 | Brawl Stars Mr.P Tips & Tricks

Brawl Stars Mr.P Guide 2020

Hi guys, I will show you Brawl Stars Mr.P Guide 2020, All these Brawl Stars Mr.P Tips & Tricks | Brawl Stars Mr.P Guide 2020 will help you to improve your gameplay with Mr. P. This Ultimate Brawl Stars Mr.P Guide 2020 is shared by u/MJ_Yellow so come and take a look at this Ultimate Brawl Stars Mr.P Guide 2020

Ultimate Brawl Stars Mr.P Guide 2020 | Brawl Stars Mr.P Tips & Tricks

Ultimate Brawl Stars Mr.P Guide 2020 ( 3v3 Gamemodes )

Mr.P is a really easy brawler to play. Here is a guide on how to play to his fullest. He is one of the most flexible brawlers, as he can be played in almost all the modes and he can take any position on the map and he can do multiple jobs. This flexibility makes it so good to play him with randoms.

Mr.P is both a long-range and short-range brawler depends on which star power you use. His gameplay revolves around his porters and pinpoint accuracy with his main attack.

When Mr.P was first revealed, I thought his kit was really dumb as his super has no synergy with his main attack. However, when I unlocked Mr.P and thought about it a little, his kit actually makes sense and his design is really cool. I hope you enjoy this guide.

Brawl Stars Mr.P Guide Part 1: Aiming

Aiming with Mr.P is straight forward. Use auto-aim when close by. His shots are pretty slow, so make sure you predict your shots. Remember that your shots deal splash damage after the suitcases bounce, so if there is a cluster of enemies and you want to deal damage to all of them, make sure you position accordingly, especially when using his first-star power.

His shots deal damage when it hits the enemy and after it bounces, so try to hit the enemy and the bounce. It is pretty difficult to hit both parts of his shot, but there are some strategies to help you, which involve your porters.

Remember your shots can go over walls. This makes Mr.P a great poke brawler, and you have the ability to destroy turrets that are hiding behind walls (Bo’s super turret, Pam turret, 8-bit turret, enemy Mr.P porter spawner, Penny mortar, Etc.)

Brawl Stars Mr.P Guide Part 2: Super

His super is so good at just applying pressure. Enemies are forced to waste their ammo on destroying your pesky porters and they are also forced to reposition or take chip damage. His super is what separates good Mr.P players from average Mr.P players.

  • Positioning

Don’t place your spawner on the way back. You need to be applying as much pressure as you can, at the same time, don’t place it where the enemies can destroy it really easily without suffering any consequences. You need to place your spawner on a spot where the enemy can overcommit trying to destroy it. Placing it in a bush can make it even more frustrating for your enemies as they don’t know where the spawner might be. You should always put your spawner behind a wall unless there is a thrower, in which you should put it a bit more back than usual.

As you know, Mr.P’s porters are an AI that goes for the nearest targetable enemy. Knowing this information, try to position your spawner near enemies that suffer slow reload speed, so they are pressured to take responsibility for taking out the porters.

  • Porter Mechanics

Playing around your Porters is essential when playing Mr.P. Most people just let the porters spawn and do its thing, but they don’t really do anything with it, which is a huge mistake.

Use porters to force your opponents to misposition and hit both parts of your main attack.

Mr.P’s porters will chase down enemies no matter what unless they are stunned or etc. Knowing this, you can force your enemies to walk back, as your enemies are going to try and avoid taking damage from your porters. This is where your main attack really shines. You can follow your porter and shoot shots at your enemy. Your enemy will back off because of the porter, and if they don’t dodge your shots, they going to be forced to take double damage. This is the best way to land both parts of your main attacks, by using your porters.

You can also use this logic to place the porters behind your enemy. This is so they might accidentally walk towards your team without thinking to avoid the porter coming in from behind, and this little misstep can very easily lead to a kill.

Play around your porter, even if you aren’t the Mr.P

This is a tip not just for the Mr.P players, but for everyone. If there is an Mr.P on your team, make sure you play around the porter! Stand behind it if you can so it can block shots! Porters don’t have a lot of HP, but it still an amazing resource so make sure you take advantage of it.

Because Mr.P’s super can be chained easily, here are some ways you can use it.

Mr.P’s super is very expendable if you are playing well, so try to use it as much as you can. You can replace damaged spawners with a full hp spawner.

You can also reset the Porter spawn time of 4 seconds, as when you place your super, a new porter will immediately spawn. For example, one of your porters just died. Instead of waiting 4 seconds, you can place down a new super to immediately get a new porter. This is very good if you are doing well and you are chaining supers, as it keeps the pressure going. Remember to wait for your existing porter to die before placing a new one so you don’t lose any value. You only can have 1 porter at a time.

In a pinch, you can auto-aim your super to create an obstacle that will block all shots, except the ones that pierce. This is even more effective with the tin can star power. This is great against brawlers like Piper, Brock, Bea, etc. You can also manual aim your super to throw it across to your teammate to help them block shots too. This can come in super clutch, there has been times where an enemy Piper would almost kill my teammate, and I would throw my super to his lane and intercept the enemy piper shot before it killed my teammate. This requires good timing, and a little prediction as Mr.P’s spawner travels so slowly, but it can be pulled off. Never do this against a Penny! Don’t troll your teammates! Mr.P porter and turret can also be a great lighting rod against Jessie.

Porters can trigger Bo mines and can seek enemy brawlers even if they are in a bush.

If Bo places his mines and you don’t want to risk your life triggering it, then you can send your porters to do it for you. It might take a while (Like 2-3 porters), as they are slow, but they can get the job done. In bushy maps like Snake Prarie, Mr.P porters are a heat-seeking robot and can give really valuable information on the location of brawlers.

Brawl Stars Mr.P Guide Part 3: Star Powers

Both of Mr.P’s star powers Handle with Care and Tin Can are very good star powers. You should go with handle with care most of the time, however, there are times where Tin Can can be really beneficial, making Tin Can a very niche star power. Tin can is really good if you are up against a team with slow reload speed (ex: A common team is like Piper, Brock, and Sprout) or if your team already has a bunch of long-range. With tin can, you can literally just throw your super in your enemies face and charge your super again, making it really frustrating for the enemy team. However, you have to be careful. You aren’t a sharpshooter anymore if you use Tin can over Handle with Care. Handle with care is so great for poke and long-range presence. It’s great against those pesky turret brawlers.

Brawl Stars Mr.P Guide Part 4: Gadget

Mr.P’s gadget is very good, it’s just hard to time correctly. You want to use just before your porter dies, and this all comes down to your knowledge of how much damage a brawler is going to deal. You can also use it to buff it up if you really need to in a pinch. Use it however you want, but it’s best if you use it just before your porter dies.

Brawl Stars Mr.P Guide Part 5: Weaknesses

Low Hp. Mr.P is very squishy, so prepare to get bursted down quickly. Bad burst damage. Mr.P can not burst down enemies quickly. Rather is he good at sustained fights by poking.

Easy to dodge. His shots are pretty easy to dodge, and it can be difficult to hit that bounce shot, lowering his potential damage output by a lot.

Can’t control porters. This is where the skill really comes in with Mr.P, you need to learn how to control AI’s. Sometimes your porters aren’t going to do the thing that you want them to do, and you need to learn to play around that.

No CC. He doesn’t have a stun, a knockback.

Short-range: Without his first-star power, he has to be pretty close to do anything.

Mortis is a very good counter to Mr.P, even if Mortis has a slow reload speed. Mortis can have up to 5 targets he can hit with his super if he is against Mr.P, which will give him insane healing and give him a lot of team wipe potential. He also can 3 shot Mr.P.

Penny is a really good counter to Mr.P. She can take down the porter and spawner quickly and she can use Mr.P’s porters to her advantage.

Brawl Stars Mr.P Guide Part 6: Strengths
  • Fast reload speed.
  • Versatility. It can be played in most game modes and in any position, and can take up many jobs.
  • Utility. Despite Mr.P having no CC, he provides a lot of utility with his spawner and porter.
  • Long-range: With his first-star power he can poke and do damage from afar.
  • Super charges fast: Allows for super to be used creatively.
  • Great against most brawlers.
Brawl Stars Mr.P Guide Part 7: Gamemodes

Mr.P can literally be played in any game mode because of the nature of his kit. His best game mode is Gem grab with a staggering 60 percent WR, while his worst mode is Heist with a good 51 percent WR.

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