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Brawl Stars Nani Guide, Star Powers and Gadget

Brawl Stars Nani Guide

Hi guys A lot of new information regarding Brawl Stars Nani came out today, so I wanted to quickly summarize her stats and see how strong everyone thinks she will be when released so come and take a look at this Brawl Stars Nani Guide

Base stats, Star powers and Gadget

  • Health: 3360
  • Movement Speed: Normal
  • Damage: 980 per hit (2940 max)
  • Reload speed: Approximately 2.55 seconds


Super: Manual Overide (2800 damage at max level)

  • Nani launches her bot Pete, who she manually controls and will detonate upon contact or after 10 seconds, dealing damage and destroying walls (Destroying the wall will not damage targets behind it).

  • IF Nani dies while controlling Pete, Pete will disappear and NOT expload

  • Pete acts as a projectile; as such, he does not have a healthbar like Tick’s head/super and must be dodged OR Nani must be taken out.

  • Pete progressively travels faster and is harder to steer the longer he is active

  • Can regenerate health and reload ammo while controlling Pete

  • Requires 8 projectiles (2 and 2/3s of her basic attack) to charge her super

Gadget: Warp Blast

  • Nani teleports to Pete’s location (NOTE: Pete will NOT explode if Nani uses her gadget). There is no range limit to this gadget.

Star power 1: Autofocus

  • Nani deals up to 2500 additional damage with her super, although it is dependent on distance traveled (similar to Piper’s attack)

Star power 2: Tempered Steel

  • Nani gains a shield that reduces damage by 80% while steering/controlling Pete

Additional Pros/Cons

+ Can attack behind walls (does not work with autoaim, since the attack itself cannot attack over walls; need to manually aim to attack behind walls)

+ Very high burst damage

+ Gadget that makes her extremely mobile, and with her second star power can make her get away easily

+ Can use her super while recouping (regenerating health or reloading ammo)

+ Super can potentially take down a brawler on the other side of a map without any drawbacks or counterplay (bar having someone take out Nani)

 Horrible brawler to use auto aim with (Since the actual range of her main attack changes AND her projectiles are small it is extremely easy for moving targets to auto aim a similar attack)

 Slowest Reload speed in the game

 Low health

 Difficult to deal with swarms/multiple brawlers at once (particularly due to non-piercing damage and slow reload speed)

Shared by SwirlyArts

Overall, Nani definitely looks like a higher skill-cap brawler, but I’m not sure which 3v3 game mode would suit her best.

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