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Brawl Stars Piper Tips 2020 | Best Piper Strategy Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Piper Tips 2019 Best Piper Strategy for Brawl Stars 2019

Brawl Stars Piper Tips 2020 | Best Piper Strategy for Brawl Stars 2020 Hi guys Brawl Stars Piper Tips 2020 | Best Piper Strategy for Brawl Stars 2020,  Lame here and today I will show you Brawl Stars Piper Tips 2020 | Best Piper Strategy for Brawl Stars 2020 so I recently pushed Piper to 500 after tilting like helllll. This time though I realized more tips on pushing her, so I decided to share. Any help on further tips is welcomed. 

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Brawl Stars Piper Tips 2019 Best Piper Strategy for Brawl Stars 2019


A lot of the pipes I saw below 500 use the super rashly. Piper’s super IMO is a strong one. You can get her super pretty easily, and it gives you mobility. So I think the only times I used my super is to rush up and grab gems/bolts (not advised unless you can juke) and bait short-ranges (advised lol). Also, do not auto aim her super.


Piper is smol and squishy, so I suggest you not to play it like a Bull. Hide behind a wall, and tease them. Quickly move out of the corner of a wall, flick a shot at them, then come back in. Easier said than done I know, it’s gonna take practices.


I usually play with my friends because we play together in every game, including MOBAs like LOL and Vain and whatnot, so keeping eyes on movements are not that hard to me. But if you’re grinding with randoms that’s okay, (you’re amazing if you grind your way with randoms). Keep an eye on the map. Make sure to track where the enemies are, if anyone is missing, bushcheck. Punish any brawlers that attempts to go near you by firing your shots at them (usually it’s easier to hit because he’s coming to you). Pretty vague but I need an ‘O’ tip and also it helps alot.


Object here is not the objective; it’s the wall and bush and whatnot. It means the decision to destroy any objects that will bother you with your super on the map.

Now at this Brock excels Piper because he doesnt need to rush near the wall to destroy it. With Piper, you will need to be careful. Choose to hide nearby and snipe, biding your time, or when the enemies are all dead.

Also take into consideration the team comps. If your team has many sharpshooters, go ahead! If your team has an exellent thrower, dont. Vice versa.


Apart from the “aiming”, target also means to select the brawlers you will want to burst it down.

I dont recommend wasting a full health Primo or Rosa when they are not threateningly near. But Colt, Barley, Rico, Brock, Dyna, Tick, Crow, Spike and so on are worth it.

Burst them down before they get to shoot. Your long range and fast bullet speed will do the job and your team will be easier to finish the objective without high-DPS brawlers.

Recommend maps:

Hard Rock Mine, Crystal Cavern, Cell Division, Cross Cut, Snakie Prairie, Bull Pen, Layer Cake, Sunstroke (new), Burning Sands (new), Straight Shot (my personal favorite; it has a hint in its name), Assembly Attack (Brock will do better here though, still good enough), Factory Rush (new).

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Thanks a lot for all of you that has read all of this Fastest Way to Gain Trophies Brawl Stars Piper Tips 2020 up until here.

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