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Brawl Stars September Update 2019 Release Date & Summary

Brawl Stars September Update 2019 Release Date & Summary

Hello guys I will show you Brawl Stars September Update 2019 Release Date & Summary, they released September brawl talk video and they shared the details of the upcoming Brawl Stars September Update 2019 which includes a new legendary brawler Sandy, 2 new Game modes Takedown and Lone Star so come and take a look at this guide

New Legendary Brawler Sandy

Brawl Stars September Update 2019 Release Date & Summary

Sandy is a bit sleepy and his main attack is of course throwing sand so he throws sand at his opponents and it kind of goes through them similar to Neeta or Terra
Brawl Stars Sandy super he actually throws a sandstorm in the field
and then every brawler that’s there  is invisible Continue Reading »

2 New Gamemodes Takedown and Lone Star

Brawl Stars Takedown Mode

Takedown Mode is a free-for-all means random people will play with you and whoever does the most damage to the bot in the middle wins the game Continue Reading »

Lone star is a new game mode and It is free-for-all bounty

El Primo Remodel

El Primo is getting a remodel with new skins Two new skin El Rey and El Rodo.

3 New Skins

Three new Skins will be added to Brawl Stars in this September 2019 update,

  • Pirate Gene
  • Sleepy Sandy
  • Red Wizard Barley

More information about the upcoming update Source: Reddit

Sandy skin 30 gems Pirate gene 80 gems El Rudo Primo increased to 80 gems El Rey Primo increased to 150 gems Red Wizard Barley 2500 star points

Lonestar and Takedown takes up one new slot (they alternate every day)

For Lonestar, the maps are: Skull Creek, Thousand Lakes, Island Invasion, Hot Maze, Hot point, Passage, Eye of the Storm.

For Takedown, the maps are new.

8-bit Extra Life Star Power nerf: When 8-bit respawns, he has ZERO ammo now.

One change: In Showdown and Takedown, the most power cubes a brawler can drop when it dies is 5. (That means even if you have 30 power cubes and die, you will only drop 5 now. 5 is the limit.)

Brawl Stars September Update 2019 Release Date ?

Dani form supercell said on twitter that

” We never know the actual date, since the date it gets released depends on Apple’s approval. As we want to release as soon as possible, as soon as Apple approves it, we push it live. “

Brawl Stars September Update 2019 Release Date

So guys this is what we know about next upcoming Brawl Stars Sepetmber Update 2019 till now we will update this page with more information, thanks for reading, Have Fun

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