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Brawl Stars Solo Showdown Tips 2020 | Win Showdown Solo

Brawl Stars Solo Showdown Tips 2019

Brawl Stars Solo Showdown Tips 2020 | Win Showdown Solo 2020 Hi Guys Brawl Stars Solo Showdown Tips 2020 | Win Showdown Solo 2020 Today I will Share some Brawl Stars Solo Showdown Guide so this Brawl Stars Solo Showdown Guide  is for All those peoples who plays Solo Showdown most of the time (It’s my favorite mode), I would like to share a list of tips that are helpful for everyone and can possibly boost your average ranking in games. also take a loo at this Top 6 Brawl Stars Brawler for Power Play Showdown Guide

Brawl Stars Solo Showdown Tips 2019

Brawl Stars Solo Showdown Guide:

  1. Know your position and act accordingly: Solo Showdown (and duos to some extent) involves a bit of luck. The amount of powerups you can get for free (safe boxes) varies a lot depending on where boxes spawn and in what position you start. Knowing how to act in every situation is crucial to your survival. More info in the “Play styles” section.
  2. Boxes: When you spawn in an excluded area without another brawler contesting, burst down the available “safe boxes” to get free powerups. When you spawn in an area with another brawler, there may be a safe box for each of you to take. Generally you would want to burst yours down and both end up with equal powerups. Occasionally, people who have a “bully brawler” (Bull, Darryl, Shelly?, Spike?) will try to take you out before they even think about boxes. Don’t make the mistake of trying to get yours, they will have more ammo than you and just steal the powerup and/or kill you, instead start shooting at them as soon as they head towards your area to scare them off. The same goes for “contested boxes” in between you and the enemy position, DO NOT try and take out the boxes (the only time you would do this is if you are a shotgunner), duel the other brawler and try to out trade them.
  3. Trading: The goal with trading is to get more value out of your ammo and shots than the enemy. Wasting them on boxes immediately puts you at an ammo disadvantage. Practice poking out from behind cover to get free hits, juking the enemy shots and leading your target with yours. When you have out-traded someone, they will be forced to retreat and heal, allowing you to take the box. If they get desperate and rush your position even at low health, simply keep your cool and kill them. In the case that you get out-traded, retreat and give up the box. Dying stupidly and losing trophies is not worth the risk to get a few powerups. Lastly, know what brawlers you can trade with and beat. For example, unless you have a huge advantage of powerups, using a tank in an open area to trade with a ranged enemy will almost always result in you losing most of your health or dying. The opposite is also true, in an area with lots of brush or walls, tanks and lobbers will almost always beat ranged brawlers.Brawl Stars Solo Showdown
  4. Map Movement: Generally speaking, unless you have a lot of powerups and are looking to clean out campers, it’s best to not move around very much. Assuming you have out traded or killed any contesting brawlers, your area should be clear. When you run into another quadrant of the map, you are risking encountering hidden enemies or getting pinched; since you didn’t spawn there, you don’t know what awaits. As a high powerup brawler, you can use this to your advantage, making people rotate, forcing them into other players. Another tip related to map movement and positioning is your screen. Players on the bottom side of the map have a slight advantage. Because of the camera angle (pointing up the map), people at the top have less vision in the downwards direction. I haven’t done an in-depth study on this, but I’m almost certain players on the bottom side of the map have a slightly higher winrate, given that they have better vision control and can ambush people in the top-side. Use this to your advantage and prioritize going to the lower end of the map instead of the top if moving.Brawl Stars Solo Showdown
  5. Awareness: This is closely related to map movement, as it will influence your decisions. Try to identify where everyone is on the map; this ensures that you don’t get surprise ambushed or walk into a bush with someone waiting. It also can provide much needed help when moving, analyzing if you will soon be pinched or if a new position leads to a precarious situation. At the beginning of the match, you just need to be aware of the general area of action, later on, with less people, it is better be to track everyone’s specific location. If someone is camping, it is quite a bit harder to find them, so be careful and check every bush thoroughly before walking into them.Brawl Stars Solo Showdown
  6. Teaming: While this is a very controversial topic, it is something that has to be addressed. As you push up in trophies, you will find that more and more people “team” or “spintowin”. This basically gives them a huge advantage when it comes to trading and map movement; two or more people against one will most likely win, and they no longer have to worry as much about getting pinched between enemies. When trying to push and gain top spots in the ranking, it can be frustrating to go against this strategy, however several things help us to combat this. First of all, try to ignore or hid from groups like this. If you get out of their way, their attention may focus on someone else. Second, if you are forced to fight them, try to trade as best as possible, avoiding damage and surviving. Many times, players in the team will back stab a low health ally, resulting in an easier escape for you. Third, surprise them. If you have a high DPS brawler (shotgunners, Brock, Spike, Penny with her spread attack, etc.), you can jump out of a bush and burst them all down (this really depends on how many powerups you and them have and if they react quickly). Teamers tend to get overly confident and occasionally make stupid decision that can cost them their lives. Fourth, try teaming yourself. I am by no means encouraging this practice (#stopthespin), but sometimes temporary pacts with other brawlers against teamers can help secure you a spot in the top ranking.Brawl Stars Solo Showdown

Brawl Stars Solo Showdown Play styles:

+ Rush to the middle – This is a strategy you should be using only if you are 100% confident no one is already in the middle of the map or you can beat them. If you manage to get all the boxes, and play smartly, you can obtain first place easily. Many times this can be a tempting thing to do, trying to become the brawler with the most powerups, however this can be extremely random and luck based, a trap for whoever doesn’t get the boxes (notice how several people are eliminated at the very beginning of the match when many people rush the middle). Generally speaking this is not a consistent way of winning.

+ Forcing – If you get good enough at trading and are able to amass a few power cubes at the beginning of the match, you can force other players to rotate out of their position and feed the strongest brawler on the map. In almost every game, one person will have a very high amount of powerups. There is a very low chance that you will beat them unless you team, so instead try to make everyone die before you do, grating you the benefits of second place.

+ Camping – This is probably the best thing you can do if you get a bad spawn of are out-traded by someone else. The strategy is to try to survive as long as possible and avoid fights with other players. Stay as far away as possible from the action on the map and try to hid around the perimeter. As you get higher in trophies more people will be surviving for longer, so out-wait other campers, enemies will get impatient many times and go out in the open. When the final square is about half to two-thirds closed and reducing, stay at the very edges even if there isn’t any brush; the brawler with the most powerups will usually begin by picking off the closest person.

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Thats all of my Brawl Stars Trophy Pushing Tips , hopefully you learnt something and I’ll keep this updated. Peace.

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