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Brawl Stars Super City Rampage Guide – How to beat Rampage XVI

Brawl Stars Super City Rampage Guide - How to beat Rampage XVI

Hi guys, Brawl Stars Super City Rampage Guide – How to beat Rampage XVI, In this post I will show you Brawl Stars Super City Rampage Guide – How to beat Super City Rampage XVI, This guide is shared by OBLIVIONDEMISE,and There are a couple of videos that show how Bo does it, but they don’t include the details about the right timing to continuously stun. OBLIVIONDEMISE broke it down into 3 parts. Each part describes what to do at the lower levels, lower insane challenge numbers, and higher insane challenge numbers. Here’s how to do it.

Brawl Stars Super City Rampage Guide

Brawl Stars Super City Rampage Guide – How to beat Rampage XVI

Step 1.

“The Lower Challenges (ex: Normal, Hard, ect.)”

The higher challenges (Insane III and up) use only Bo while the lower ones (Normal – Insane II) can use a variety of Brawlers. At the lower levels (like Normal, Hard, ect.) use high DPS sharpshooters or Brawlers that can stun. You can use Bo (Stun Grenades + Totem Gadget), Nita (Hyper Bear + Stun Gadget), and Bea (Insta-Beeload + Slow Honey Gadget). Other Brawlers can work here as well (like Frank), but I don’t know too much about certain ones. The general strategy here is to get into Bo’s totem, stun the monster, then chuck Nita’s bear to the monster to lower its health. Use Bea’s gadget near the totem to slow down the monster. There’s not much to describe here since the difficulty level is low.

Step 2.

“Bo’s Setup”

From Insane III and up, you’ll start to see mostly Bo’s. Only pick Bo with the before mentioned Star Power and gadget from then on. When the level starts, walk directly to the body of water and use Bo’s Totem gadget. Other Bo’s probably know to do the same. By this time, the monster will attack the building next to the rope fence above the water. Auto aim immediately after the monster removes the building because the building is blocking your shot. The monster will move downright, so just keep autoaiming.

Step 3.

“Your Super”

Since there are several Bo totems, you’ll have your super quickly. However, WAIT, do not use it just yet. Wait until another Bo lands their grenades towards the monster first, then use yours. If you make the mistake of using your super when the other Bo’s grenades start blinking, you’re doing it too late. Immediately after you use your super, continue to autoaim. Then wait until you see that same Bo land their grenades again, then you use your super. Repeat. If you do this, the monster will not move from its spot. From Insane III to Insane X, there is room for error in missing the timing and allowing the monster to move. But at the higher levels, a mistimed grenade will likely cause you to lose the match.

Step 4.

“Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap”

From Insane X and on, most of the Bo players have their ish together. You CANNOT miss the timing of the bombs, as the movement of the boss, given his increased health, will lead to a quick destruction of the city or a team wipe. To nail the timing, look for the Bo that has a different skin than you (if present). Identify what their grenades look like. When you see their grenades land/touch the ground, that’s your cue to use your super. By doing this, the other Bo players can time their bombs to yours. This causes a cycle of stun where the boss will not move. Once you get the timing down, it’s the same from Insane X and up (the health increases of the boss don’t matter between levels when it can’t move).

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