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Brawl Stars Surge Guide – Attacks, Gadget, Star Powers & Skins

Brawl Stars Surge Guide

Hi guys, I will talk about Brawl Stars Surge Guide, Surge is a second Chromatic Brawler in Brawl Stars, which is going to released in Brawl Pass Season 2. You can get for Surge for free if you purchase Brawl Pass Season 2 or you can get it from brawl box because Chromatic Brawlers start at Legendary Rarity drop rate in boxes, but the drop rate improves with each ending Brawl Pass Season until Epic Rarity level.

Surge main attack is an of like combination of Spike and Gene. Surge throws a projectile and when it hits the enemy, it divides into other projectiles.

Surge Super is really interesting. Every time you use Surge’s Super, He upgrades himself and his attacks become different and he becomes stronger.
You can do that a maximum of three times but if you’re defeated, you lose all those upgrades. So, stay alive.

Brawl Stars Surge Gadget & Star Powers

Main Attack – Attack that splits horizontally after hitting an enemy Brawler

Super Ability – Using the Super upgrades Surge. Upgrades are lost upon respawn.

  1. 1st Upgrade: Movement Speed
  2. 2nd Upgrade: Main Attack Range
  3. 3rd Upgrade: Main Attack projectile now splits into 6 projectiles upon hitting an enemy

Gadget – Teleports a short distance

Star Power – Main Attack projectile splits after reaching max distance or when hitting a wall

  • Mecha Paladin Surge Skin

You can get this Mecha Paladin Surge Skin from Brawl Stars Brawl Pass Season 2

so, guys, this is what we know about Brawl Stars Surge, we will update this page with more information once Surge will be released in the game

Thanks for reading, Have fun

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