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Top 10 Brawl Stars Trophy Pushing Tips July 2020 ( Season 2 )

Hey guys Brawl Stars Trophy Pushing Tips I’m Ash and I’m a writer of strategy guides for many of Supercell games (notably Clash of Clans and Clash Royale ). You might also know me as a YouTuber (500K subscribers, not Clash with Ash). Anyways,

Today I want to share a quick Brawl Stars Trophy Pushing Tips and advice for moving up trophies In Brawl Stars. I currently have two accounts, one at 7,000 trophies and the other at 5,000 and pushed them both at a fairly quick pace, amassing a total of around 9,000 trophies in the last 2 months with both accounts. So I’d like to share how I did it, my experiences, and my best advice for gaining as many trophies as fast as you can.

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Brawl Stars Throphy Pushing Guide 2019

Brawl Stars Trophy Pushing Guide 2020

1) Join a band with players around your level. Playing with teammates around your trophies is the best way to move up. If you play with someone whose trophies are much lower than yours, then they may become a liability because they’re not at your level yet, so matches will be much harder for them. Whereas, if you play with teammates who have much higher trophies than you, then you’re also going to find it much harder to win because you’re not at their level yet. Brawl Stars Throphy Pushing Guide 2020 

2) Make sure brawler levels are balanced between all teammates. For example, if two teammates are using 200 trophy brawlers while one is using a 400 trophy brawler, then the matchmaking will more likely pair you up against much tougher opponents because of the highest brawler in your team composition. So if you want consistent wins, then it’s smart for the other teammate to also use a brawler close to 200 trophies. Common misconception: “I thought the matchmaking averages out the team’s brawler trophies” No. The matchmaking heavily favors the highest trophy brawler. This is logical. It is to prevent players from gaming the system, such as try to pair a 500 trophy brawler with 100 trophy brawlers (inexperienced teammates) for easy matchmaking. It doesn’t work like that. If you try that, then you’re only going to keep dropping trophies because matchmaking will constantly match you against teams around 500 brawler trophies. Also, it’s a good idea to use the #looking-for-group channel in our reddit Brawl Stars discord server to find more players similar to your level:, Brawl Stars Throphy Pushing Guide 2020 

3) Team chemistry is very important. Do not keep hopping around bands. One mistake I see players make is that they give up on a band too quickly, thinking the band isn’t good enough. If you keep changing bands, then you will never form team chemistry. It takes time to learn to play together. Understand that you’re not going to start winning right off the bat. If you keep losing with your team, don’t give up, focus on getting better as a unit, learn from your mistakes, and see where you can improve on after every loss. Brawl Stars Throphy Pushing Guide

4) Try to focus on mastering two or three game modes, rather than all of them at the same time. It takes way too long to learn every mode together as a team, but it’s much easier to master one game mode, such as Smash and Grab and keep gaining trophies from that mode. Keep in mind that some brawlers are much better in certain modes and maps than other brawlers. Brawl Stars Throphy Pushing Guide

5) Don’t rely too much on Showdown for trophy pushing. Only play Showdown when you can’t find teammates to play with in the team modes. It’s a great mode for trophy pushing a lot of brawlers, but you’ll need to be weary of the aftermath it has on team modes. It won’t teach you how to properly play in a team in a team mode. For example, say you pushed your Dynamike from 100 trophies to 300 through Showdown. This does not mean that you have the skill level of using a 300 trophy Dynamike in a team mode such as Smash and Grab. Oftentimes, you’ll find yourself making key errors such as clumping with a teammate, not hitting your mark often, dying frequently, etc. This is because you don’t have much experience using Dynamike in a team mode. Brawl Stars Throphy Pushing Guide 2020

6) Know the value of Coins. Make sure to evenly upgrade all your brawlers! A big mistake I see is that some players use up all their coins to completely max out a single brawler while ignoring the others. This is a very big mistake as this will make it much harder to push up your brawlers that you haven’t upgrade. The fastest way to move up in trophies is to play with all brawlers! It’s much more rewarding to spread out your upgrades evenly.

7) Know when to take a break. Playing for too long can cause mental fatigue, which means that if you don’t take a break after a long session, then you’re going to play at a less-than-optimal fashion. It is also a very good idea to take a break when in a losing streak because your teammate may also not be playing at their best. Brawl Stars Throphy Pushing Guide 2020

8) Never blame or antagonize a teammate! This will harm “team chemistry” and may cause distress, which could lead to poorer performance. Instead, try to be polite when noting an error. Sometimes it may just be you who’s playing bad. And getting “star player” doesn’t always mean that you’ve actually played well as it is usually awarded to the player who was most aggressive. It’s not a fair indicator of who actually made the proper plays and correct decisions, as a game mode such as “Smash and Grab” has a lot to do with good decision making and understanding of key concepts (i.e. core control, gem carrier, protecting gem carrier, not clumping, etc.), rather than getting lots of kills. Brawl Stars Throphy Pushing Guide 2020

9) Watch YouTube videos. At the moment, because there isn’t a “Brawl Stars TV” in game or “battle replays,” it is very difficult to learn how to properly play with all the various characters, maps, and modes. I will be uploading strategy videos on all of this in the future

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