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Welcome to our Breakout 13 Endings Wiki, In this Breakout 13 Endings Wiki, we will tell you about Breakout 13 Answers. This guide is a guide for the whole route of flying over Room 13. Due to the time-consuming, we will release the prologue and the first chapter of the whole line strategy first, and please understand the players and friends.

The whole route strategy of Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 has been released, The full route guides for Chapters 4 and 5 have been released! So far, the whole line strategy of “Thanksgiving” has been completed.

Breakout 13 Endings Wiki – Chapter Walkthrough & Answers

Prologue – In the name of warning

1. At the beginning of the game, the favorability of the puppy drops to indifferent (offline),
and the favorability of the puppy rises to closeness (online)

2. The Internet cafe raid succeeds and leads to the failure of
“single-handed physical education teacher”
Go to “Notice of Withdrawal from School” (step over from “Opening” = offline, “Opening” and feed it = online)

3. The favorability of the mother who refuses to apologize
and the favorability of the mother who refuses to apologize increases and leads to “My Statement”

4. My Mother’s favorability increases when she kneels down , and mother’s favorability decreases when she leaves.

5. When traveling abroad, she obeys her mother’s favorability. (online)

7. Internet addiction is a disease? Comforting mother, mother’s favorability rises, refutation mother’s favorability drops

8. first sees clues, asks mother for help, exposes evil deeds, mother’s favorability drops

9. expresses attitude, admits wrong mother’s favorability rises, denies lying, mother’s favorability drops

10. First meeting instructor Liu obeys Gateway to “The Locker Room Menace” (Offline) Refuse access to “Supervisory Group Qi Miao” (online)

11. The locker room threatens to obey again to “Supervision Group Qi Miao” (online) Refuse access to “Supervision Group Qi Miao” (offline)

12. Supervision Group Qi Miao succeeds Qi Miao’s favorability risesand fails

13. Mysterious man Jiang Hongwen listens to him. Jiang Hongwen’s favorability rises to “avoid and chase”
Jiang Hongwen’s favorability to “dodge and chase” does not listen to him. Jiang Hongwen’s favorability drops to “chasing and intercepting” and “frontal breakthrough”

14. Dodge and chase success Jiang Hongwen’s favorability rises (online, mother’s favorability is full, leading to “Mom’s Back View”, mother’s favorability is not full, and mother’s favorability is not full, leading to “Grateful Treatment Room No. 13”) Fail Qi Miao’s favorability drops, Jiang Hongwen’s favorability drops, leading to “Mom’s Back View
” No. 13 Gratitude Therapy Room”

15. Succeed in chasing and intercepting and lead to the next choice. Failure Qi Miao’s favorability decreases. Jiang Hongwen’s favorability decreases.

Change strategy succeeds. Qi Miao’s favorability increases and leads to “frontal breakthrough”
fails . Overcoming Qi Miao’s favorability again decreases by

16. Successful frontal breakthrough (offline, full mother favorability leads to “Mom’s back view”, less mother favorability leads to “Gratitude Treatment Room No. 13”) failure (online, leads to “Gratitude
Treatment Room No. 13”)

17. The back of the mother is the price of illness leading to “going home”, reaching the hidden ending “Mom’s good boy”
silently leads to “Gratitude Treatment Room No. 13”

18. You are illegal in No. 13 Thanksgiving Treatment Room (offline)
Let me go (online)
(“First Meeting Instructor Liu” Rejection or “Locker Room Threat” Rejection = Offline “Electric Shock Punishment”
“First Meeting Instructor Liu” Obedience + “Locker Room Threat” Obedience Again = Online “Electric Shock Therapy”)
Tibetan acrostic: I was locked in a small black room, they beat me every day, mom, come and save me.

Chapter 1 – Grateful Life

Chapter 1 – Grateful Life
1. Do you want to escape? Admit that you want to escape?
Act stupid. Chen Song’s favorability drops.

2. The jailbreak route praises him and complains about

. 3. Joining the plan asks to join
Chen Song’s favorability.

4. Provoke Hou Yi to directly attack the “new plan”
and taunt the “new plan” to temporarily avoid
the edge. Xu Shanwa’s favorability drops . 6. The fox pretends to be the tiger and scolds him for leading to the “new plan” and continues to be submissive leading to “increasing intensity ” 7. Intensifying scolding him for leading to the “new plan”. The favorability of Chen Song who plans to listen to Chen Song increases, and the favorability of Chen Song who refuses Chen Song decreases . “A Good Accident”

Yin-Yang strangeness leads to “kind accident”
and gratitude to Principal Yang leads to “I am a good boy” (obedience + continue to obey + wipe shoes with face = gratitude to Principal Yang) 11.
Kind accident informs plan Cui Nannan’s favorability rises
and conceals plan Cui Nannan’s favorability Descending
(“Write a letter from home” + “A good accident” 2×2=4 lines)
12. I am a good boy Tear off and return to the “Write a letter from home” selection
Continue to write to the next selection
Tear off and return to “Write a letter from home” Select to
continue Write to the next choice
, tear it off and return to the “Writing Letter from Home” option
, continue to write to “Learn to be grateful”, and reach the hidden ending “Learn to be grateful
” “Treatment”
waits and sees the changes leading to “involuntary Cui Nannan”
14. Involuntary Cui Nannan Qi Miao’s favorability decreases tearing up the family letter leads to “Electric Shock Therapy (Part 1)”
recites the family letter Cui Nannan’s favorability increases leading to “Electric Shock Therapy (Part 2)”
(1. “Writing Letters from Home” directly spread + “Kind Accident” concealment plan + recite family letters = go online)
(2. “Writing Home Letters” directly spread + “Kind Accident” informed plan + recite family letters = go online)
(3 “Writing family letter” yin and yang strangeness + “kind accident” inform plan + recite family letter = offline)
(4. “Writing family letter” yin and yang strangeness + “kind accident” concealment plan + recite family letter = offline)
(5. Tear off family letter = Midline)
15. Electric Shock Treatment (Bottom) Successfully lead to “Electric Shock Punishment” (upline or midline depends on whether there is a click error)
16. Black House Raider (“Broken Cui Nannan” tearing up the family letter = Upline)
Chapter 2 – Escape
1. Thanks to Instructor Liu for writing a self-criticism letter to prove that he failed to escape. Bribing
Instructor Liu leads to “Instructor Liu’s questioning”
2. Instructor Liu’s questioning swears poisonous oath to prove that he failed to
. “Written evidence”
3. Use actions to prove that the attempt to beg for forgiveness and escape failed,
and the direct execution leads to the “Thanksgiving IOU” (online)
4. According to written evidence, instructor Liu lent me money to the “Thanksgiving IOU” (middle line)
I gave Liu instructor money to the “Thanksgiving IOU” IOU” (offline)
5. Thanks for the IOU, I really know that I am wrong. Instructor Liu’s suspicion has risen and
I really can’t stand it.
6. Hou Yi’s provocative words mocked Jiang Hongwen’s favorability increased.
Hands-on lessons succeeded. Chen Song’s favorability decreased. Qi Miao’s favorability Favorability
of Qi Miao decreased by
7. Farewell to Hou Yi in the auditorium. Instructor Liu’s suspicion increased.
Qi Miao Qi Miao’s favorability increased.
Cui Nannan’s favorability increased.
Dr. Mi’s favorability increased. Dr. Mi’s favorability increased. Instructor Liu’s suspicion
. Optional)
8. Hit the door and escape to “Chen Song leaves the team” successfully (no mistakes=online with mistakes=offline)
Failed to escape
9. Chen Song left the team to thank Chen Song and
helped Chen Song escape. Chen Song’s favorability increased by two levels.
10. Evaded the patrol and successfully passed to “Jiang Hongwen’s block”.
to escape
. Jump
12. Dr. Mi’s treatment Hou Yi’s revenge on Dr. Mi’s favorability drops,
Instructor Liu’s suspicion rises
13. Cui Nannan’s help us escape together. Cui Nannan’s favorability greatly increases.
Wait for me to save you
. If Instructor Liu’s suspicion is too high, he goes online and fails to escape; if Instructor Liu’s suspicion is insufficient, he goes offline and leads to “escape from birth”)
Chapter 3 – Back to Reality
1. Desperate message successfully leads to “Principal Yang’s victory”
Failure leads to “Principal Yang’s victory”
2. Principal Yang’s victory Here are all your people leads to “Nowhere to escape” (online)
Refusal to respond leads to “Principal Yang’s victory” “Don’t give in” (off line)
taunt leads to “don’t give in” (middle line)
3. Nowhere to escape Do they know what’s going on in school leads to “Thinking in your heart” (off line)
How much benefit you gave them? To “thoughts in my heart” (online)
4. Unwilling to admit defeat, express
dissatisfaction and sarcasm
5. Thoughts in my heart are sarcasm,
verbal attacks
6. Principal Yang’s confidence insults Principal Yang to “Lianzao” (offline)
begging mother to go to “Mom 7. Mom’s voice
begging for mercy and admitting mistakes leads to “Lian Zuo” (offline)
Suing Principal Yang leads to “Lian Zuo” (online)
8. Lian Zuo calls me to the next choice (online)
to treat me (offline)
Please heal me,
treat me
9. Special treatment succeeds (upline)
fails (offline)
succeeds (upline)
Failed (offline)
10. The last lie succeeded Cui Nannan’s favorability increased (online)
failed Cui Nannan’s favorability decreased (offline)
Chapter 4 – A New Beginning
1. Investigating Cui Nannan, I am performing a task. Instructor Liu ’s suspicion rises.
Six relatives do not recognize Qi Miao’s favorability . The principal’s report leads to “Impulsive Qi Miao” interrogation bottle leads to “interrogation of Cui Nannan” 4. Impulsive Qi Miao prevents instructor Liu, instructor Liu’s suspicion rises, Cui Nannan’s favorability rises, Qi Miao’s favorability rises, obedience to instructor Liu Qi Miao’s favorability decreases Cui Nannan’s favorability drops by 5. Interrogate Cui Nannan to give up questioning Instructor Liu’s doubts rise Qi Miao’s favorability rises Cui Nannan’s favorability rises Keep questioning Cui Nannan’s favorability drops Qi Miao’s favorability drops 6. Instructor Liu’s report (if Instructor Liu’s suspicion is too high, Go online and fail the test; if Instructor Liu is not suspicious enough, go offline and lead to “Investigate Cui Nannan Results”) 7. The result of investigating Cui Nannan will not give anything. Give the portrait , give the phone, give the medicine bottle, give all 8. Help or Hurt Smile (Offline) Conspiracy (Online) Life

9. Dr. Mi’s story helps Dr. Mi’s favorability drop
, hurts Dr. Mi’s favorability rises
(help = test ends, hurts = first story told by Dr. Mi)
10. Hou Yi’s deal makes him lose the bribe of Instructor Liu Bill
11. Hou Yi’s investigation results do not report Report failure (online)
Gudou Fengyunlu novel (offline)
Empty wine bottle Principal Yang’s satisfaction increased (middle and offline)
Bill for bribing instructor Liu Principal Yang’s satisfaction increased (middle and upper down) 12.
Xu Shanwa’s secret promise Xu Shanwa’s favorability rises,
reject Xu Shanwa’s favorability drops, Jiang Hongwen’s favorability drops
13. Dr. Mi’s report is curious,
not curious
14. Report to the principal if the report fails (offline)
dog Principal Mao Yang’s satisfaction increased. Xu Shanwa’s favorability decreased (middle and lower line).
The bully’s classmate, Principal Yang’s satisfaction decreased.
Instructor’s badge, Principal Yang’s satisfaction increased.
Chapter 5 – I’m Going Home
1. Jiang Hongwen’s question, we are sick. Jiang Hongwen’s favorability drops, and he refuses to answer. Jiang Hongwen ’s
favorability rises.
2. Dr. Mi’s test is quiet and
lonely . 3. Quiet and lonely, tragic and passionate. Offline ) pain leads to “gratitude and pain” story”, the first story told by Dr. Mi has never been heard, and it leads to the “second story”) 6. Dr. Mi’s stories don’t like the rise of Dr. Mi’s favorability (offline) and like the rise of Dr. Mi’s favorability ( Online) 7. The second story is wrong. Dr. Mi’s favorability drops. It’s true. 8. Checking and monitoring succeeds and fails . “Shadow of the Mountain” (middle and offline) (If the “check monitoring” fails, that is, no suspicious clips are found, go online, the only option for forced inquiry will appear, and Qi Miao’s favorability will decrease) 10. Believe in doubts in the gratitude box

Question 11. There is no doubt about the figure of Houshan. Question Qi Miao leading to “Qi Miao ‘s cover”. , lead to “supervision team dereliction of duty”; if “check monitoring” does not find that Qi Miao deliberately delays time, Qi Miao’s favorability will drop, leading to “testing Qi Miao”) 13. The supervision team directly asks Qi Miao’s favorability Decrease Continue to threaten member Qi Miao’s favorability rise 14. Qi Miao’s investigation results do not report and report failure (offline) tacitly allow the supervision team to accept bribes Procrastination for time Principal Yang’s satisfaction increased (middle and lower line) Qi Miao’s favorability decreased. 15. The trajectory under surveillance was successful . Failed. Find the truth (offline) give (offline) or not (if Xu Shanwa’s favorability does not meet the standard, go online; if Xu Shanwa’s favorability reaches the standard, go to the middle line)

17. If you take the initiative to come to the door, you will consider that Jiang Hongwen’s favorability will increase.

Don’t block my way home Jiang Hongwen’s favorability will decrease. Go online, lead to “Graduation Price”, and reach the hidden ending “Principal Yang’s good student”; if Principal Yang’s satisfaction is not up to standard, go offline and report failure) Help Jiang Hongwen cover up (if the previous submission is related to the night of

escape If you have not submitted any key clues related to the night of your escape before, you will go to the middle line and lead to “So it is”)

That’s it for this Breakout 13 Endings Wiki – Guide, Walkthrough & Answers

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