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Clash Royale Bridge Spam Pekka Firecracker Deck Arena 10+

Clash Royale Bridge Spam Pekka Firecracker Deck Arena 10+

Bridge Spam Pekka Firecracker Deck Hi guys Today I will show you Bridge Spam Pekka Firecracker Deck for Arena 10 and above. This is a Bridge Spam Pekka Firecracker Deck which is Very Popular in Grand Challenges and Keep in mind that Bridge spam decks should be played fairly aggressively most of the time but you need to know what cards your opponent has in the cycle in order to be aggressive at the correct time so come and take a look at this Bridge Spam Pekka Firecracker Deck

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Bridge Spam Pekka Firecracker Deck Card Role:

1.) Pekka– Always try to use this card on defense to answer win conditions or tanks like Hog, Giant, and Golem. Once the tank is disposed of, COUNTERPUSH with the leftover PEKKA and your support cards. You can kill an MK or Hog with her, then perform a counter push with your own attack units! She absolutely destroys just about every tank in the game even She’s great on defense against giant, hog rider and golem.

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2.) Bandit: Her dash attack really puts a dent in those cards you want hurt, especially glass cannons. She also deals good damage without the charge as well. If paired with P.E.K.K.A, mini tanks won’t be a much of an issue for her. The best ability that she has is being able to snipe opposing troops from across the river, as long as they are in range.

3.) Electro Wizard: This shocking man is great for DPS and resetting an Inferno Tower or Dragon. He also deals decent damage to mini tanks that could threaten other cards in the deck like Bandit or Dark Prince. Overall, he’s mostly self explanatory.

4.) Battle Ram: I prefer this card over the ram rider because It can also be used as a meat shield against units like Pekka or prince to help keep your Pekka alive. It’s also a great card to play to kite units into the opposite lane and away from your princess towers. This is never a card your opponent can afford to leave unchecked, and it also provides situational kiting of cards and defense. It baits outbuildings for the PEKKA, and works very nicely when combined with the Bandit and so on

5.) Bats: Bats best card for 2 elixirs and You can kill ground swarms, surround stuff with them, distract Infernos, cycle, and even kill mini tanks, all while being cheaper and killing faster than the Minions! Overall, they’re mostly self-explanatory

6.) Royal Ghost: Ghost can easily be used to activate the opponent’s king tower if they have tornado in their deck. So if this is the case keep him in a cycle until their tornado is out of cycle or support him if you place him aggressively. His splash damage makes him a good defensive unit against bridge spam and bait archetypes. He’s a good support card to play behind the Pekka on a counter push, his splash damage will help counter skeletons and goblins.

7.) Firecracker: The Firecracker is a 3-elixir Common ground troop, with the same Hit Points as an Archer. This means that she can be taken out by Arrows, but survives The Log and the Barbarian Barrel. Firecracker can attack both ground and air troops. This card will be your support to Pekka and In defence If will you to clear opponent supporting troops

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8.) Poison: Poison is the one of Main Bridge Spam’s deck’s card because It provides lane control against every single swarm or Horde out there. It even kills most glass cannons if they stick around long enough! this card is meant to assist in your Ram and bandit pushes in getting value Obviously, it’s area denial, as covered in the battle selection, so you can use it while pushing not much to explain here. Battle Ram + Poison is very very strong especially since Skarmy is a common answer to the Ram.

Bridge Spam Pekka Firecracker Deck Gameplan:

The overall playstyle of this Bridge Spam Pekka Firecracker Deck relies on Offense some time on defense, At the start of every match, you should play passively and see what the opponent is playing. A bandit or ghost in the back is a safe opening play. Never play Pekka or electro wizard as your first card, minions can be played but it’s a risky move in case they rush you with balloon.

In single Elixir time, you only want to use Bandit and Battle Ram if you have a big counter push going towards your opponent.

It is absolutely crucial that you don’t use Pekka push without knowing your opponent’s deck ( all 8 cards ) as if your opponent has the right cards they can counter your push very cheaply.

This Bridge Spam Pekka Firecracker Deck gives you many options on defense and offense despite the high average elixir cost, This deck gives you immense comeback potential. You can often win even if you have a significant tower health deficit You can win unfavorable matchups if you play skillfully and don’t make any critical mistakes You can change your playstyle depending on the situation of the match

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Thanks for reading this Clash Royale Bridge Spam Pekka Firecracker Deck Arena 10+ All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome

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