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Welcome to our BRIXITY Guide Wiki – Complete BRIXITY Beginner Guide fro new players. In BRIXITY, you are more than just a player; you’re a Brix-Master, a world-shaper with a singular vision: to breathe life into this desolate terrain.

Using the magical ‘Brix’, the building blocks of rebirth, craft cities of wonder and allure, inviting the charming Pipos to call it home. Every structure you build, every park you create, and every street you pave, is a step towards a brighter, bustling tomorrow.

But in Brixity, prosperity is not just about building. It’s about resources. Coins and Crystals, our primary currencies, fuel your endeavours, whether you’re expanding territories or enhancing existing marvels. These can be earned through dedication or procured directly for those who seek a swift advancement.

While Coins and Crystals constantly remind you of your progress, other specialized resources lie tucked away, revealing themselves when the moment is right.

Come and take a look at the complete BRIXITY Guide Wiki. Make sure to check BRIXITY Codes page for free rewards.

BRIXITY Guide Wiki

1.Understand the Interface

BRIX: The cornerstone of the game. These are particles that cleanse the land, paving the way for construction. The bigger the structure, the more BRIX you accumulate.

Coins: The basic currency, mainly earned by building a fountain and satisfying residents. Commercial buildings are also a great source.


Crystals: The premium currency. Be frugal initially, as these might be crucial down the line. The developers are known for their generosity, so keep your eyes peeled for more of this currency!

2. Modes of Play

Exploration Mode: Walk around your creation, experiencing its grandeur firsthand.

Construction Mode: Dive deep into creativity. Use blueprints, either purchased or socially sourced, or start from scratch. Here’s a brief on building types:

  • Residential: Boost happiness, critical for coin-earning fountains.
  • Commercial: Generate coins.
  • Public: Unique buildings primarily for PIPO recruitment.

3. The Blueprint Market


The marketplace for creative ideas! It’s where you buy or get inspired by trending designs. To rise in popularity, hone your building skills and encourage friends to like and buy your creations.

4. Creator’s Hub

Accessed after reaching the 4th purification level. Design blueprints, track your reputation, and grow as a Brixmaster.

5. Gacha System

Two primary categories:


PIPO’s: These characters bring life to your city. Save your crystals and use tickets. Different gradations include:

  • Citizen: Common PIPO.
  • Expert: Rare PIPO.
  • Master: The rarest of them all, but can also be earned outside the gacha.

Décor: Design enhancements for your city. Consider using the Special Brix Draw for unique items, especially when they’re on discount.

6. Membership

This premium feature provides access to exclusive color blocks. It’s recommended to use the free 12-day trial when you’re most inspired and have time to build.

7. Events & Missions

Keep an eye on event tabs for sweet rewards. Your main game objective? To rebuild, enhance BRIX technologies, and clear your world. Your secondary mission? Have fun and relax!

8. Social Interactions

Networking is essential. Engage with others, purchase their designs, and remember to promote yours. Collaborate with friends to further your game objectives.

9. Game Essence

At its core, Brixity is a relaxing city-building simulator. Your goal? Chill, build, and enjoy the creativity it offers. Engage in varied modes, socialize, or simply enjoy the tranquil world of construction.

That’s it for this BRIXITY Guide Wiki

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