Top 5 Best Builder Hall 10 Base Layout with Links for COC

The recent update for Clash of Clans introduced the new Builder Hall 10 with a variety of new and exciting features. These Builder Hall 10 base designs have been carefully curated to provide players with the best possible base layouts for their Builder Hall 10.

While they may not remain the best in the future as the game evolves, they are currently considered some of the best options available. Each base design has been thoroughly tested and optimized to provide maximum defence against attacks.

These Builder Hall 10 base designs take into consideration the latest updates and changes to the game to ensure that they remain effective in the current meta. Overall, these base designs offer players a reliable and effective defence strategy for their Builder Hall 10.

Builder Hall 10 Stats & Upgrade time

Builder Hall level 10 is the new addition to the Builder Base in Clash of Clans. Here are the important stats regarding upgrading to Builder Hall 10:

  • Upgrade Cost: 4.8M Builder Gold
  • Upgrade Time: 7 days
  • Builder Gold Storage Capacity: 1.5M Builder Gold
  • Builder Elixir Storage Capacity: 1.5M Builder Elixir
  • Hit Points: 2750
  • Unlocks: 1x Mine, 1x X-Bow

Upgrading to Builder Hall 10 not only provides players with a new and visually appealing upgrade, but it also unlocks new content. You can upgrade their defences to level 10 and gain access to a brand-new defence.

Additionally, upgrading the Builder Barracks to level 12 unlocks the powerful Electrofire Wizard troop. Overall, Builder Hall 10 offers new challenges and opportunities for players to progress in the game.

1 Best Builder Hall 10 Bases with Copy Link

Copy Link

2 Best Builder Hall 10 Bases with Copy Link


Best Builder Hall 10 Bases with Copy Link

Copy Link

3 Best Builder Hall 10 Bases with Copy Link

3 Best Builder Hall 10 Bases with Copy Link

Copy Link

I hope you guys can save loads of stars with our Best Builder Hall 10 Bases Design! Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help.

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