Call of Dragons Tier List 2023 – Best Heroes & Characters

Welcome to our Call of Dragons Tier List 2023, In this guide, you will find the best heroes. There are more than 20 heroes in Call of Dragons and each hero has unique attributes and skills.

As of now, we have found that Bakshi, Emrys, and Garwood are the best characters of Call of Dragons. they all are good for PvP mode. So come look at this complete guide

Call of Dragons Tier List 2023 – Best Heroes & Characters

We are going to rank these heroes in 3 categories Legendary, Epic and Elite. Make sure to check our Call of Dragons Wiki – Beginner Guide, Tips & tricks

Call of Dragons Tier List Ranking

These are the current hero tier list in Call of Dragons

SS-These are the best among the best. Literally, they are the best and the deadliest heroes in the game. With their skillset, they can easily dominate the open field if being used properly. With Liliya and Hosk being available only in VIP chests, investing in Kinnara and Madeline is the wisest choice if you’re a F2P or low spender.

S-A tier lower than SS. These heroes are still considered to be on par with SS tier in terms of effectiveness. With the right talents and pairings, you can still dominate the open field with the same efficiency as SS-tier heroes.

A- Decent heroes. They’re not as good as SS and S-tier heroes, but they’re not bad either. You need to have the right pairing of these heroes in order to be more effective in the field.

B- You need to have these heroes all awakened if you plan to use them in the field, and in order to compete against legendary heroes in the field. Obviously, epics are not as good as legendaries, but an awakened epic can go toe to toe against a 5111 legendary.

C-Not as effective as epics in

B-tier in terms of PVP.

F- Bad. Never ever use them in war.

Call of Dragon Tier list

Call of Dragons Tier List By CreDit: Sage JC

Legendary Heroes

  • Bakshi – Legendary
  • Emrys – Legendary
  • Garwood – Legendary
  • Hosk – Legendary
  • Indis – Legendary
  • Liliya – Legendary
  • Madeline – Legendary
  • Nico – Legendary
  • Nika – Legendary

Epic Heroes

  • Alistair – Epic
  • Alwyn – Epic
  • Atheus – Epic
  • Bakhar – Epic
  • Eliana – Epic
  • Gwanwyn – Epic
  • Kregg – Epic
  • Waldyr – Epic

Elite Heroes

  • Chakcha – Elite
  • Kella – Elite
  • Ordo – Elite

Call of Dragons Tier List Explanation

All Call of Dragons Characters is divided into five tiers in this Call of Dragons tier list: SS Tier, S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, and C Tier. The OP/best characters are listed in the SS tier. We list the Good Characters in the S category. Average Characters are ranked in A Tier, Weak Characters are ranked in B Tier, and Bad Characters are ranked in D Tier.

That’s it for this Call of Dragons Tier List 2023 – Best Heroes & Characters. For more Game Tier Lists You can also read our Ragnarok X Next Generation Classes Tier List and Yggdrasil The Origin Tier List


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