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Welcome to our Call of Dragons Wiki, make sure to check this Call of Dragons Wiki for updated content and feel free to leave questions and the like in comments. Call of Dragons is a massively multiplayer online fantasy conquering game that provides a fascinating and deep strategic battling experience.

Call of Dragons is developed by the same team who created the blockbuster game Rise of Kingdoms. There’s a new system where you can fight powerful Behemoths and summon them in battles. The game has 3D terrain, so you can create your strategy and command flying legions to cross mountains and rivers.

You can recruit different heroes, like Elves and Orcs, and explore magical places like the Firefly Tree and Frozen Spires. It’s an immersive world full of fantasy wonders.

Call of Dragons Wiki GUIDE

In this Call of Dragons Wiki guide, you’ll find our top tips on the HEROESs to get, and what you need to do to maximise your abilities in this fun game by the makers of Archerio.

Take a look at our Call of Dragons Tier List to Find out our top picks for the best heroes you should be looking out for troops that fit your army.

Read up on our Call of Dragons Codes List that will help you to receive free rewards in the game.

Find out all about City Hall in our Call of Dragons City Hall Requirements & Upgrade Costs and why it is the most important building in this game.

Call of Dragons Beginner Guide Wiki

Let’s read some tips and tricks that are shared by players of Call of Dragons with the community.

Gems are the only really real currency in Call of Dragons, as well as one of the most important in the game. It can be obtained via missions or a series of events. Many new players usually waste it on hero recruiting chests, which is the worst option in early games.

Many new players will spend their items to level them up, even swapping them with Goblin Stores, which is an incorrect decision.

Call of Dragons Wiki

Rare Heroes and rare artwork are quite simple to get in the early stages of the game. There is no need to exchange rare heroes tokens; a rare hero can awaken just by collecting season awards and getting some rest.

The hospital is the place where your severely wounded injured troops go after the battle. The hospital has no limit on severely wounded troops it can carry. As a beginner, you want to use your hospital efficiently. There are two types of healing in Hospitals: one is Free Healing: and the other one is Resources Healing.

City Hall is the main building, and the heart and brain of your city. Depending on your CH lvl, you can’t upgrade your other buildings to a much higher level. So it is recommended to rush upgrade your City Hall as higher as possible.

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