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Top 5 Call of Duty Mobile Beginner Tips – COD Mobile Tips & Tricks

Call of Duty Mobile Tips 2019

Call of Duty Mobile Beginner Tips Hi guys, I wanted to share my Top 5 Call of Duty Mobile Beginner Tips. I have a video of this on my second YouTube channel (Judo Sloth – Mobile Warfare) but I wanted to share my tips here for those that might find them helpful. Many of these are relevant to a lot of FPS games however here is my best tips. Please share yours if you have any others.

Call of Duty Mobile Tips 2019

1 – Analyse each time you are taken down. One of the best tips I can give but every time you go down (you will, CoD is a fast paced game) you should be analysing your gameplay, even just briefly. Could you have jumped around that corner instead, did you have enough cover, were your team mates there to back you up. Think about what you could have done differently otherwise you will keep making the same mistakes again and again.

2 – Move from cover to cover. This is a must and should be something you always try and do. Ensure that you are never walking out into the open exposed. If moving across the map can you use a tree, a car, a wall, anything to help reduce the angles of fire towards you. Ensure that with movement you are also jumping and sliding around so you are unpredictable and therefore a harder target to hit. Just think about when you are trying to take someone out that is moving unpredictably vs standing still, a lot harder right? Well thats you, make it as hard as you can for you opponent.

3 – Sound and Mini-Map. This one seems like common sense but if you want to give yourself the best chance of winning, ensure you are playing with sound, potentially a head set and use this to your advantage. It will be super helpful to hear footsteps around you, imagine having the sound off, you are at a huge disadvantage. If you hear gunfire you should instantly look to the mini map to see if this helps you in finding the location of your opponents, again a huge advantage.

4 – Take the Heal. It can be far too easy to dive back into the action and whilst I encourage getting into engagements to improve your skills, you need to know when to take a second to let yourself heal up and reset your head. This can help you to refocus and get back into the action pumped up and ready to continue your kill streak.

5 – Dive into the Action. It is very easy to get fixated on K/D ratio early on in the game and find yourself not engaging in action and playing very stand off. This does not help in the long run. You need to get into firefights in order to improve your skills and help your co-ordination with the controls, which will increase your reactions.

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I hope that is helpful for some people. Be sure to share any other tips you have and I have a video of this on my channel if you want to see further explanation and visual gameplay of this.

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