Cave Shooter Guide 2022 ( Beginner Tips )

Cave Shooter is a relaxing stage-mode game with a rustic atmosphere. With the Roguelike concept, each NG + stage is produced at random, resulting in radically varied skills, maps, monsters, and dropped objects. All you need for victory is a continual change of positions, weapons, and talents. In this guide, we will show you some Cave Shooter Guide and Cave Shooter tips for basic gameplay.

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Cave Shooter Basic Gameplay

In Cave Shooter each NG + stage in this game is randomly created. resulting in radically varied skills, maps, monsters, and dropping objects, thanks to the Roguelike concept. All you need to confront every unknown stage is a continual shift in positions, weapons, and talents

The basic gameplay is as follows:

  1. Tap the game icon and log in to the game.
  2. Then, tap on the Adventure icon at the bottom to enter.
  3. Select the chapter in which you want to carry out the adventure, and tap on Start to enter.
  4. After entering a level, move your character and select a door.
  5. Attack the enemies in the level and remember to dodge their attacks.

Cave Shooter Guide

Cave Shooter Masterstroke Guide

Masterstroke is your main skill, and it grants you multiple significant buffs. After you’ve completed a stage, you’ll need to choose a skill to improve. The following are the specifics of the masterstroke:

  • Great Artisan: Modifies weapons to attach special effects on them. Players are recommended to choose Great Artisan and select the high DPS skills, like Gunpowder Projectile, and upgrade the skill. After that, choose the assist skill, like Barrier Bow and so on to evade damage.
  • Sun God: Provides Light and Fire types of skill. You are recommended to get this skill in the early stage for it has tracking function and can deal more damages to enemies.
  • Night God: This God is able to deal DoT effects and some AOE damages to enemies. In the middle of the battle, the enemies could have been poisoned to death. It would be better to use Night God with other masterstrokes to avoid a protracted war.
  • Thunder God: Provides thunder skills and passive effects to players. If you keep getting Thunder God, choose all the skills provided by the God, so that you can trigger the lightning effect and deal great damage. Thunderstorms and Thunder effects can wipe out the mobs.
  • Warlord: One of the most important Gods in the later stages. Cooperates with Rain God and Great Artisan to deal combo effects to mobs.
  • Wind God: Used to increase your speed and slow enemies. Wind God can help you to move faster in the slowdown map and evade the damage of melee mobs.
  • Rain God: A God that can weaken enemies. The higher the stages, the higher the attack power of the mobs. But fret not, Rain God can save your life and turn the tables.
  • Guardian: An indispensable God for players. The further the stages you reach, the more obvious of its power. With Sun God, Night God, Warlord and other DPS gods, the enemies are no match for you.

Choose the most suitable masterstrokes and skills to defeat more Bosses. Beyond that, our team is also continuing to innovate and update the game, please look forward to it.

Cave Shooter Upgrade your tribe:

You’ll acquire access to a variety of buildings in “Cave Shooter,” each of which serves a particular purpose, such as Talent (20 various versions of Talent Training Plans), forge, adventure, pet, botting, and much more! Create your own tribe and demonstrate what you’re capable of to the rest of the world.

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