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Welcome to CDO2 Dungeon Defense Guide Wiki, In this guide, we will tell you about CDO2 Dungeon Defense Characters, Races, Hourglass, Codes, Mana Extraction / Secondary Attributes, game modes, Class, and much more.

This CDO2 Dungeon Defense Guide is shared by community players on doc so come and take a look at this CDO2 Dungeon Defense Guide Wiki

CDO2 Dungeon Defense Guide Wiki

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WelcomeCDO | 3 hourglass

Hidden Codes
PoorSlime | “Poke the slime” | 5 hourglass


Hourglass is CDO2’s currency. You can use it to buy lords, buy cosmetics for yourself ( new profile pictures, themes ), or spend it to improve yourself by extracting hourglasses in secondary attributes. You can also use it to resurrect yourself when you die in your runs.

You can get hourglasses by redeeming codes, completing modes, 100% the archives, or the free hourly hourglass from the game’s shop.

Mana Extraction / Secondary Attribute:

The easiest explanation for mana extraction is that it can give you permanent buffs of various things as your secondary attribute for your future runs. ( e.g. max room control +1 ).

There are 4 extraction options.

Hourglass Extraction:

Self explanatory. You use your hourglass to extract either 1 or 5 cards.

Points Extraction:

Max use per day 3 times. You get 100 points after reaching 50 years in any mode. The max points you can accumulate is 500.

Challenge Rewards Extraction:

Upon completing challenges, aside from 100 points, you can also extract several cards depending on the challenge level you’ve just completed for free.

Ranking Rewards Extraction:

Upon completing the competition and getting your medal, you will get rank points based on your [Ranking Pt.]. Depending on how many rank points you have from your medals, you can extract that exact amount of points.

Game Modes:

Challenge Mode

you don’t get any additional rewards for going over the 50 years mark. every run gives you 100 points for extraction. selecting ‘delete’ for either of your modes will still give you the points.

Competitive Mode

You strictly compete with other players for your place on the leaderboard. unlike challenge mode, you don’t get any hourglasses for finishing the 50 years mark, but you do get 100 points.

Resets every week with a race restriction and custom restriction a race ban and a new challenge.
Rewards 1 – 3 hourglasses based on your rank.

CDO2 Dungeon Defense Race List


ASPD increases proportionally to lost HP. Heal for 15/30/50/70 + 35/40/45/50% of ATK every attack.


When HP decreases below 50%, mitigation becomes 99% for 3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds and ASPD increases by 80/120/160/200%.


25% chance to stun for 4 seconds on attack and deal 150/200/250/300% damage when attacking stunned enemies. ( stunned enemies cannot be stunned again for 5s )


Increase ASPD by 3% when attacking. ( maximum 200/230/270/300% )


When landing a killing blow, 1-star mini undead is generated with 100/95/90/85% level and abilities. ( leader units can only activate this effect once per attack )

CDO2 Dungeon Defense Classes List


Attacks max 12 targets at once in range. Damage is decreased by the number of enemies attacked x 20% ( minimum 25% ). Can deploy 1 per room.

it is impossible to use multiple leaders in the same room (e.g. 2 Arch Lichs in Room 2) or the same leader type in any room (e.g. Arch Lich in Room 1, another Arch Lich in Room 2), but not all legendary monsters are leaders (typically buff/debuffers/healer such as Pest/Baba Yaga).

  • All Lords
  • All Beast Legendaries
  • Sluagh
  • All Undead Legendaries
  • Vargr, Echidna
  • Vampire Queen, Demon, Cambion


Heal 3 allies in the same room for 70% of ATK each attack. The recovery effect of the attacked enemy is reduced by 40% over two times.


Max Mitigation 85%. Increase DEF by 30% when targeted by 3 or more enemies.

  • Twinhead, Olog
  • Revenant, Ghast
  • Scylla
  • Balrock, Incubus


Attacks ignore 35% of the target’s DEF, and damage taken from non-targeted enemies is decreased by 30% ( after-Mitigation ). Recover 10% of HP on killing blows.

  • Wyrm, Bugbear
  • Banshee
  • Dullahan, Madjay, Jane Doe
  • Wolfheadin
  • Abaddon, Succubus


When first attacking an enemy, deal 1.5 times damage. Consecutive attacks on the enemy increases damage by 10% each attack.

  • Drake
  • Lich
  • Medusa
  • Strigoica


At the start of battle, leap behind the furthest enemy. Assassins take no damage during leaping / moving. Killing blows increase ASPD by 100% for 2.5 seconds.

  • Grendell, Phantom
  • Lycanthrope
  • Vampir

That’s it for this CDO2 Dungeon Defense Guide Wiki – Races & Classes

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