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Hi guys, welcome to our Cell Idle Factory Incremental Guide Wiki, In this article, we will tell you about some Cell Idle Factory Incremental Guides and tools, which are created by community players.

In this CIFI Guide, You will also find Cell Idle Factory Incremental Ship Evolution Cost, So come and take a look at Cell Idle Factory Incremental Guide and tools

Cell Idle Factory Incremental Guide and Tools

CIFI Loop Requirement Increase:

Early game, you get +0.95 Requirement per loop you do.

After 100, it increases to +1.35

at 150, it increases to +1.95

at 200, it increases to +2.55

at 250, it increases to +3.25

at 300, it increases to +4.05

After 300 it doesn’t increase anymore. It may in the future, we’ll see. For now it’s been used as a pacing tool,

forcing players into long runs eventually, otherwise people would get stuck.

Sharder by Spunjz:

How to CIFI in short

Step One:

Max token + diamond related upgrades in the token/diamond shop

Step Two:

Start working on the Diamond MP and Token MP upgrades -> you’ll be doing this for a long time.

Step Three:

Get any one-timer bundles that affect MP (+shards when you get there)

Step Four:

Make sure to get AT LEAST 1 or 2 MP Buffing Loop Mods with every Loop Reset you do.

Sharder by Chrysto

Cycles of short and long runs

Short MP runs
Duration: From one tick loop up to 1-2 hours
– Buy as many affordable loop mods
– Get the right Hephaestus install as high as possible before unlocking Zagreus
– Attempt to increase your MP gains every reset
– Start buying shard mods towards the end of your MP farming session

Long shard/cell runs
Duration: 12+ hours
– Farm shards and prioritize MP/shard milestones
– Push to high amount of cells for ship evolutions, levels and LP achievement
– Get the left installs on Hephaestus and Zagreus, dump the rest in the center
– If capable of doubling your LP bonuses after one more point, don’t reset until you level up or complete the “Gain Cells” achievement

When to switch to short runs?

– At least 12 hours have passed in the long run.
– When you’ve increased your MP gain enough to level up the shard mods sufficiently, in order to compensate for the reset of the shard bonus from completed operations.
– If you’re more than 1 LP away from doubling the bonus and nowhere near reaching a milestone (ship evolution, level up, completing the LP achievement, reaching level 25/50/75/100 on a shard milestone). It’s worth staying multiple hours more for a ship evolution or if you’d double your LP bonus.
– Strongly advisable to have at least a few hours of free time for MP farming before switching back to a long run.
Non-ideal: After at least 12 hours have passed in your long run, to benefit at least a little bit from the bonus shards from completed operations.

When to switch to long runs?

– When it’s taking too long to make any significant progress from loop mods.
– Very far from completing the “Own Loop Mods” achievement.
– After having increased your shard gains.
Non-ideal: When you want to leave the game for long periods of time, regardless of how much you’ve improved your shard gains compared to your previous long run.

Shared by Kongren

Cell Idle Factory Incremental Ship Evolution costs

Disclaimer: All costs are based on reductions

Cradle: 1 – 4.11e37 , 2 – 2.14e160, 3 – 1.09e522, 4 – 4.39e1694, 5 – 6.48e8040, 6 – 5.01e36944, 7 – 8.07e231653

Auxesia:  – 1.90e50, 2 – 2.17e197, 3 – 3.72e993, 4 – 9.62e3480

Zagreus: 1 – 8.82e107, 2 – 8.64e1004, 3 – 4.68e3536, 4 – 8.12e10500

Hephastus: 1 – 3.27e159, 2 – 9.75e1722, 3 – 1.44e5917, 4 – 2.78e17299, 5 – 1.70e73839

Demeter: 1 – 5.74e389, 2 – 2.87e2909?, 3 – 3.79e9112

Koios: 1 – 4.96e642, 2 – 6.08e3820, 3 – 3.48e11655, 4 – 2.65e32196

Shared by Theorizon

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