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Clash Royale 2.6 Hog Cycle Deck | 2.6 Hog Ice Golem Deck 2019

Hog Ice Golem Cycle Deck 2019

Clash Royale 2.6 Hog Cycle Deck | 2.6 Hog Ice Golem Deck 2020 Hi guys 2.6 Hog Cycle Deck | 2.6 Hog Ice Golem Deck 2020 aktjsdn here The 2.6 hog deck is a very traditional hog deck that has stuck around for over 2 years since clash royale was released, so I thought it would be a good idea to give it a revamp by introducing the deck to many of yall vets and starters. This 2.6 Hog Cycle is the most stable archetype in the whole game, it stood the test of time and now is a great free to play friendly deck and once you master the micro-interactions you can easily hit a new PB every season.

Hog Ice Golem Cycle Deck

Clash Royale 2.6 Hog Cycle Deck | 2.6 Hog Ice Golem Deck 2020

The guide will be in 3 phases.

1. Starting Hands

2. Game Plan

Early game

Mid game

Late game

3. Overall deck key strategies, strengths / weaknesses

  1. Starting Hands

The Starting hands of this deck gives you three options to start off the game.

1) Start off with your hog at the bridge

2) Cycle your cheap cards in the back then get to your hog, then play it at the bridge

3) Prefering not to play Hog as a opening play / semi opening play after cycle cheap cards in the back (Passive strategy)

Starting off with the hog is a very good play for this deck for many reasons. First, you can get to know what deck the opponent is playing. Second, you can get some easy damage,

if the opponent does not have their key hog defenses in hand. Finally, 2.6 Hog is strong in single elixir, and therefore it is key to get AS MUCH DAMAGE AS YOU CAN in single elixir. And do not hesitate to cycle one elixir cards in the back in the start of the game.

However, try not to cycle your cheap cards in mid game / late game. These cheap cards become KEY defense tools.

I DO NOT recommend the third option. This deck has nothing to do with playing passive. This is a deck where you should be actively offensive (especially in single elixir), and this is a deck where you should be in control.

YOU have the fastest cycle in the whole game (at least in terms of a legit deck). You should always try to wreck up your opponent’s cycle, and make it really hard for them to mount a push.

Remember, you should be in CONTROL with this deck. (By cheap cards that I mentioned often in this paragraph, I am refering to ice spirit, skeletons, and ice golem.)

  1. Game Plan in an early game / mid game / late game

Next, and Game Plan. In hog 2.6, The first 1 minute is early game, and next 1 minute if mid-game, and the last minute/overtime is late game. There is a key reason why there are three exact phases to this deck.

Early game

You are trying to figure out your opponent’s deck, as well as trying to get as much damage as you with your hog rider. The early game includes the Starting hand’s explanation in the first part of this entire 2.6 guide, so take a look at that section for reference. After you figure out of opponent’s deck, the game goes into the mid game, which is usually 50 seconds into the match to 1 minute into the match.

Mid game

At this point, you have figured out your opponent’s deck. (Or at least, their win condition.) In this stage, you should still be trying as hard as you can to get damage with your hog. But also do not use your key defenses used to defend against their win conditions.

For example, you shouldn’t be using cannon to counter your opponent’s knight when you clearly know they are running hog rider. But if you used your key defense for an inevitable reason, cycle back to it. Its the point of the deck. Also, use your hog opposite lane if your opponent is trying to build a big push.

It doesn’t matter if your opponent gets a positive trade out of it. (For example, the opponent uses bats against your hog rider. Its a +2 trade.) They have probably used their key support troop, and therefore the push will be much less threatening.

Musketeer positioning is KEY here. Musketeer has the advantage of having very long range for a troop that does high single dps. Use if to defend duel late pushes, or abuse the range of the musketeer to place it in the opposite lane of the opponent’s push,

thereby avoiding the musk being spelled, and also opening up a possibility for the opposite lane counterpush. Watch Jack’s Play on youtube for reference. (He finished #1 global with hog and #2 global last season with 2.6).

His defense execution is INSANE, and you’ll get what I mean when you see his plays on youtube. Search up “jack” or “Mhero”. You’ll see a bunch of videos featuring jack.

Late game

At this point, you have entered Double Elixir. Your deck has lost its key strength, quick cycling. Your opponent now can cycle his cards faster than in single elixir, making it easier for them to defend your hog pushes.

Therefore, your hog is now not a reliable damage source. Now your fireball is. The late game phase is all about fireball cycling, while getting your positive trades combining your musketeer and your cheap cycle cards.

The Hog rider can always be used as to get one extra hit to get the tower into fireball cycle range, but always remember that you can get even more value by fireballing your opponent’s troops placed close to their king tower.

Your fireball is GUARANTEED damage. And once the tower gets into two logs and two fireballs, just cycle as fast as you can to your spells and spell out your opponent. Trust me. It is why I play at 2.6 hogs. It’s SO SATISFYING.

Overall deck key strategies, strengths/weaknesses

This is just an extra section to emphasize the deck’s key strategies, as well as reinforce the points I have made previously.

This deck is a cycle deck. Abuse your cycle. For example, when your playing against a log bait deck, use your log offensively. You can cycle back to your log in literally 7 seconds.

The main strength of this deck is the cycle. You have the fastest legit deck cycle in the game. Abuse it. Have fun with it. But do not use it to spam hogs constantly at the bridge the cheap units should be used for efficient defends, not in order to cycle to your hog as fast as you can.

The weakness is that it is unforgiving. Make one wrong play, and your game is over. For example, if you decide to play your musk in a specific lane, and opponent bridge spams, you are done for. Always be conscious of that. Do not make stupid mistakes with this deck. Make efficient defenses, and abuse your cycle.


  • Totally f2p
  • Easy to learn
  • Amazing to cycle
  • Even offense and defense capabilities


  • Tanks can cause trouble
  • Easy to mess up placements
  • Not much air defense

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Thanks for reading this 2.6 Hog Ice Golem Deck 2020 Guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.


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