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Clash Royale Bandit Barbarian Hut Deck Arena 12 2019

Barbarian Hut Deck Arena 12

Hi Guys I will show you Bandit Barbarian Hut Deck Arena 12  This Bandit Barbarian Hut Deck Arena 12 focuses primarily around double elixir time, where you’ll be building up huts like crazy and you can use your heal spell to the greatest potential. It works best in 3 minute overtime game modes like tournaments or challenges. It’s fun to play but not so fun for your opponents to play against.

Bandit Barbarian Hut Deck Arena 12

  • Barbarian Hut: The star of the show. Place this in the middle of your side whenever you can.
  • Heal : Great spell which can help you chip the enemy when they least expect it or completely destroy them with 8 low health barbarians.
  • Bandit: The only legendary in this deck and very useful. Has a high damage output, can survive a fireball and can cancel prince charges for 3 elixir.
  • Lightning : Takes out pumps, kills 3 musketeers and is your alternate win condition if you can’t connect your barbs or dart goblin.
  • Dart Goblin : Seriously good right now. Paired with zap, it can take out minion hordes at the speed of light. Also chips the enemy if they choose to ignore it (if they do, heal your dart goblin).
  • Zap: Versatile spell which can target both air and ground (an edge over log) and when paired with hunter can take out minion hordes behind lavahounds.
  • Hunter: Underrated card. Serves 2 roles: splash attacker and tank killer. Keep this card in your hand until you need it.
  • Guards: Defensive card to stop prince, mini pekka, pekka etc.

Beginning the Match

You only go first when you have Barbarian Hut in hand – in all other situations, play second. You want to play into your opponent’s attacking side, so your defense can go into a massive counterpush.


Your goal is to get a tower then defend. This deck doesn’t fare well when a tower is down on both sides. If you start the game unluckily and have a tower down from the get go, defend against your opponent’s pushes and then counterpush, but never rush them unless you have a counterpush going. If you don’t start with a tower down, here are some tips:

If they pump up, it’s generally good to lightning it. Your barbarian hut provides enough defence to defend against golem and 3 musketeers so you should be fine.

If you mess up a heal, don’t tilt and give up. In most cases it’s fine and you’ll thrash them in double elixir.

Try to look for dart goblin heal combos, eg your dart goblin is running down the lane and they golem in the back. Don’t do it too early or they might have countered it by the time you’ve healed, but don’t do it too late or the goblin will die.

Don’t waste elixir by placing your hunter/dart goblin in the middle of a massive golem push. Remember your dart goblin has a long range and can safely snipe them from behind your arena tower.

Save your hunter for their win condition. Oftentimes they will rush you when they see your hunter placed down. The only time you should play hunter outside of this condition is when you have a mid-placed barb hut and no other decent play.

Play your huts proactively and your hunter, guards and dart goblin on defence reactively.


Easy Matchups:

  • Hog Rider: Easy enough. If the hog doesn’t die via your barb hut then you can just hunter/guards the hog and it’ll die. Most hog rider decks don’t have decent defensive cards for your hut onslaught.
  • Giant: Same concept as hog rider, though they may have more defensive cards. If they do, just lightning them.
  • Three Musketeers: Lightning takes out the three musketeers easily. Kill the 2 musketeers with lightning then deal with the 1 musketeer with guards.
  • Bridge Spam: The only big investment you’ll make is your barbarian hut and even then it’ll provide enough defence for the pencil to die before touching the hut.
  • Log Bait: Since when did log bait have decent defence against endless swarms of barbarians? Your heal counteracts the princess’ splash when pushing and goblin barrels can be countered by guards which develops into a counterpush.

Medium Matchups:

  • Lavahound: You have hunter and dart goblin but you only have zap for their minion horde – to take out all the minions you’ll need a well positioned hunter which you’ll need for their balloon. Still, if you play well and apply enough pressure so that they can’t all in you/have the wrong rotation, you’re fine.
  • Golem: Golem decks without tornado are fine. Golem decks with tornado, however, aren’t, as their tornado will take your dart goblin out of the picture and also kill your hunter. Build up enough barbarian huts so that they can’t get to this stage and when they try to tornado all your troops together your barbarians will smother their golem.
  • Miner Poison: Though chip is mainly hard-countered by this deck, miner poison is more difficult as the poison can deny waves of barbarians and kill your optimal miner counter (hunter).

Hard Matchups:

  • Xbow/Mortar: The hardest matchup for you. Their siege building simply snipes at your barb hut from their side and if you lightning it, it’s all just gains for them. If you play it in the back, you’re free to be targeted directly as you have no tanks to deal with the xbow/mortar.
  • Graveyard: Hard matchup as you don’t have many good graveyard counters – your guards, dart goblins and hunters die to poison and your tower will be taken in an instant.

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