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How to Upgrade Your Cards

Clash Royale Beginner Guide 2019 | Clash Royale Tips 2019 Hello guys Clash Royale Beginner Guide 2019 if you’re new to clash or a long time player Im going to share some Clash Royale Beginner Guide 2019 | Clash Royale Tips 2019 knowledge I was able to pick up while playing the game for 3 years. I’m in no way a pro but think these tips can help anyone that is struggling to climb in Trophies, especially with under leveled cards.

1.) Tip Patience Is Key!

“Move not unless you see an advantage; use not your troops unless there is something to be gained; fight not unless the position is critical.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

When beginning the match you will see your first 5 cards in hand, from here you can decide to attack quickly and try to surprise your opponent to get in some quick damage. While this definitely does work, you should instead focus on waiting for your opponent to make the first move, this makes a huge difference because you can drop a card and use the help of your archer tower when defending. If you defend the attack properly and used proper placement of troops you can quickly launch an attack of your own. I suggest waiting until overtime anything beyond that you might not have enough time to finish the game most of the time you won’t have to wait this long because people are impatient on clash royale.

2.) Tip Learn How To Count Elixir

Counting elixir in clash royale is a must. The best way to go about doing this is to take a look at the deck creation home screen and organize the card list by elixir this will make it easier to visualize the cards as they will display in the order you select, after you learn the cost of each card you can start to apply this to your matches.

While in match you want to keep and eye on your own elixir and memorize your opponents by seeing what they place, an example would be at the start of a match (10 elixir because you practiced patience) you opponent drops at the bridge with a surprise valkyrie (4 elixir) and Hog Rider(4), you now know he has expended 8 elixir, pretty easy huh?

well you can even further with this and start to make educated guesses on what cards they could use next, for this example Im going to guess most likely a spell if I were to place something like bats(2) and a pekka(4).

Obviously during matches its a little harder so practice this every match til it becomes second nature.

Another thing you want to focus on is making positive elixir trades, as you can see from my example above I came out of that attack with a 2 elixir advantage and some damage done to my tower given they didn’t zap or anything. If you can consistently make positive trades it will ultimately lead to winning the match.

3.) Tip Don’t Show Your Entire Deck!

“The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

Last but no least you should never show your entire deck unless you really need to. This might be one of the harder things to do because it requires good placement skills and consistent positive elixir trades to do.

When I play I like to hold one card and use it as a surprise attack later in the match I feel this helps me perform great counters on my enemies and could change tides of a losing game to a winning one.

An example would be to (while using the deck I use) is to save my mega knight at least up until double elixir if I can or until I see a great opportunity such as a elite barb rush or anything squishy I can stomp on.

Just save your card and wait for you opponent to make a bad decision and that is where you will find the opportunity to use it, this takes practice and the more you hold for the right moment you’ll get better at spotting those moments.

If you’ve read this far I want to thank you for your time :), this is my first ever write up for clash royale so I hope it can really change the way you play the game for the better.

Shared by Cali_Flash

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