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Clash Royale Best Lumberjack Deck Arena 11 2020

Top 10 Clash Royale Best Lumberjack Deck 2019 (September)

Best Lumberjack Deck Arena 11 2020 Hi guys Best Lumberjack Deck Arena 11 2020 is here and these Best Lumberjack Deck  are very good for Arena 11 and above, you can get lots of trophies with these deck if you play them correctly so come and take a look at these decks

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1.) Golem Night Witch Lumberjack Deck Arena 11 2020

You will Win most of the time with this Golem Hunter Deck Arena 9 because every major push because your Mega minion can kill almost any Mele defensive troop, and your Baby Dragon can kill troops from a distance, as long as your Golem is tanking all the damage.

2.) Hog  Princess Lumberjack Deck Arena 11 2020

Hog Lumberjack Deck 2019

Before I start getting in depth with the match ups and how to best face them, I’ll dedicate some time to the Lumberjack’s use and purpose in my deck, as well as general, as it can be somewhat confusing to know how to best use the card.

From my experience, the biggest mistake with this card is that people attempt to use it purely offensively and dedicate large amounts of elixir to make the best use of it’s rage drop, often setting themselves at a huge disadvantage Continue Reading »

3.) Knight Balloon Lumberjack Deck Arena 11 2019

So the key with this Lumberjack Balloon Deck is to. Figure out opponents counters. Perhaps launch a lumber jack goblin push. Just poke and prod with this deck. It is an aggressive deck at 3.4 average elixir cost.

You can launch cheap pushes that can’t quite be punished. Once you realise the counters, predictions are key.

Raged or not the horde can shred a loon. So launching prediction arrows can give it ~1-2 extra hits. Depends how much of a jedi you are Continue Reading »

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