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Clash Royale Season 13 Update News & Clan War 2.0 News

Clash Royale Clan War 2.0 Update

Hi guys, Clash Royale Season 13 Update is coming on 6 July, 2020 and Clan War 2.0 is coming in August 2020, Clash Royale Season 13 Tv Royale will be released on Sunday ( 5th July 2020 ), we will add each and everything about season 13 in this post, but till then you can read about clan war 2.0

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What is Clan War 2.0

In Clan Wars 2, you’ll be sailing down the river with your Clan, collecting rewards for yourself and your Clan along the way.

Clash Royale Clan War Update 2020


Clash Royale Clan War Update 2020

Think of it as a giant floating Clan Chest. As you journey through Clan Wars 2, you’ll battle for rewards, which will be shared amongst your Clan, as you can see Clan Chest in above image

New Game Modes.

1.) Clash Royale Duels Mode

Clash Royale Duels are the most epic battles ever seen in Clash Royale. You’ll need a couple of decks to master this one. as you can see in the above image, there are 4 deck slots and you can choose any of them, when you go for battle, Duels are played in best-of-three (BO3) format ( check out here everything about Clash Royale Duels Mode )

2.) PvE Mode ( Boat Battles ):

This clash Royale PvE mode called, In this mode you will battle against other Boat.

3.) Clan War Leagues

At the end of the river is Clan War Leagues. Battle against the top Clans in the world for glory and rewards.

So guys this is what we know about upcoming Clash Royale Clan War Update 2020 – Clan Wars 2.0 Update, Supercell will release more video about Clan Wars 2.0 Update in few days.

Thanks for reading, have Fun, also check out CLAN WARS 2 UPDATE REVEAL! TV Royale Special below.


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