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Clash Royale Season 13 Update News & Big Update coming Soon

Clash Royale Season 13 Update

Hi guys, Clash Royale Season 13 Update is coming on 6 July, 2020 also Supercell Dews confirmed on Twitter that on July 3rd, 2020 that they will finally reveal what the Big Update is all about! He Tweeted

” me and @Seth_Supercell just finished shooting THE update reveal. video will be out on july 3rd. can’t wait to finally show you what we’ve been working on ”


they will reveal the big update video on 3rd July and in the month of July, more in-depth info will be revealed in the weeks after the video reveal, and I think Big Update will come in August, with Season 14 because on Reddit Drew, replied to some user and said more videos will come after this one

” just jumping in here with some extra info: no this isn’t a video about season 13 – this is the real deal! there will be multiple videos after this one revealing more info in the lead up to the new update’s release “

So, guys, this is what we know about upcoming update till now, thanks for reading, have fun



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