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Clash Royale Elixir Golem Executioner Battle Healer Deck 2020

Elixir Golem Executioner Battle Healer Deck

Elixir Golem Executioner Battle Healer Deck Hi guys Elixir Golem Executioner Battle Healer Deck I will show you strong Elixir Golem Executioner Battle Healer Deck that works great in challenges. (Or even ladder ), This Elixir Golem Executioner Battle Healer Deck has the Executioner and Tornado which is very good Combo to show any push so come and take a look at this guide

Elixir Golem Executioner Battle Healer Deck

Elixir Golem Executioner Battle Healer Deck Card Role:

1.) Elixir Golem: This card is incredibly strong and is often underrated just how much damage the blobs can do. Use him to tank for your Night Witch, he can be placed in the pocket once their tower is down. He can be used to kite units into the opposite lane if required too. He shouldn’t be used defensively unless it’s your last resort and you need to use three elixir to cycle to a better defensive unit.

2.) Executioner: This is  my new favorite card Right now, you can say the Executioner is basically a combination of Wizard and Bowler . I use Executioner on defense against Skarmy, Minions Horde, he very good against lava hound when lava hound dies and he throws his axe the pups will will also die with his axe

3.) Magic Archer: He is great on offence vs decks that have defensive buildings especially Huts etc where you can get a lot of value utilizing his range by sniping things. If you play the Magic Archer carefully, he can get chip on Tower plus contribute on your offensive push all while staying in the safety of your towers range.

4.) Night Witch: Night witch is probably the best support card for the Elixir Golem, For example don’t play her behind your towers in double elixir where your opponent will get spell value.

5.) Battle Healer: Battle healer is a new card and Very Powerfull card right now, you can use battle healer to support your Elixir Golem

6.) Tornado: It is an area damage spell with a wide radius and moderate damage. The spell can be effectively used with the Executioner. On Defence This spell seriously counters Miner. If your opponent plays the Miner l, use your Tornado to force him to activate the King’s Tower If you know how to use it, and can use it right, you’ll be able to completely throw your opponent off guard but you have to learn because It’s a tough spell to master
7.) Rocket: Rocket is in this deck because of the high use rates of balloon, xbow, sparky and executioner. It works well because it can take out those key cards that the opponent will rely on to win a match. It is also your heavy spell so use it to take a tower in sudden death if required.
8.) Log: Self Explanotary

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