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Clash Royale Double Prince Giant Firecracker Deck Arena 10

Double Prince Gaint Firecracker Deck Arena 10

Giant Firecracker Deck Arena 11+

Hey, what’s going on guys most popular Giant Firecracker Deck Arena 11+ is here that works so well right now, with all the Zap Bait, and Log Baits that have become popular in Current Meta. This Gaint Firecracker Deck took me from Arena 10 to Arena 13.

So come and take a look at this Clash Royale Gaint Firecracker Deck Arena 10 guide.

Gaint Firecracker Deck Card Roles:

Giant: Your win condition, and main tank. The Giant is amazing for what it offers, it costs one more elixir than a Hog Rider, Pair him with a Firecrackers to wipe out swarms, and he can push his way through enemy defenses, He is a great tank and really does well at smacking down towers.You can throw him in front of a counter-push or start up a big push in the back around him.

Firecracker: Firecracker is very good to counter support troops, Like Musketeers, Archers etc ect and she can be taken out by Arrows, but survives The Log and the Barbarian Barrel. Firecracker can attack both ground and air troops. This card will be your support to Gaint

Prince: The Prince is a high DPS dealer as well as the surprise card, making it the secondary win condition Since He is as an amazing card on the offensive card as well as defence, able to take care of countless threats And when Pair With Giant It can deal lots of damage

Use him defensively to take care of heavy tanks and support by placing him behind the Giant and Dark Prince also Pair him with Dark Prince, or your spells for a strong blitz/counter push..

Dark Prince: Dark Prince can Counter, Goblin Gang, Barbarians, Princess and many other cards.he is a great defensive card because of his speed, shield, and splash damage allowing him to be more versatile than his counterpart, the Prince. This deck really makes him shine offensively, being pair with the Giant or Prince for a power push.

Mega Minion: The Mega Minion is honestly way better than individual Minions will ever be, and it especially shows in this deck. I used mainly as a defensive card turned offensive it is Great for killing ground units, Although he can’t clear swarm, he is great to kill tank killers when behind a Giant. Pair him with Arrows to take out swarms and allowing him to reach the tower.

Electro Wizard: This is you defensive card it has two bolts Which will hit any two units in his 5 tile range. If the Electro Wizard is focused on a single unit and another unit comes into range, he’ll hit both of them.

He is also good to killing Cards like balloon and inferno dragon and one more this I  drop him against Lava Hound when LH dies I used to kill pup with the electro wizard zap but he can be killed by fireball+zap so be careful when you used this

Zap: Standard utility spell, perfect for wiping the charge on cards, and killing weak swarm troops.

Poison: Perfect card to wipe out swarms that threaten your Giant Firecracker push. If they have a building and they also drop troops to defend, then you can get immense value if you Poison their defences and the tower. Poison can be used to finish off a tower. Poison should be used only when you get great value

Double Prince Gaint Firecracker Deck Gameplan:

At the start of the game If you have Giant in your starting hand, place it down behind your King’s Tower on the side you would like to push.

If you don’t have Giant, place down Mega Minion or Electro Dragon in the back. Just don’t put anything at the bridge.

If your opponent rushes you, defend the push with your Prince or Drak Prince then go for a counter push with Gaint and Firecracker

This Double Prince Gaint Firecracker Deck relies on the Attacking and Counter Push to pressure your opponent. In this Deck, we have Double Prince and Giant to apply pressure on your Opponent

The Giant is the main damage dealer of this deck, soaking damage and protecting the support behind. Prince and Dark Prince is the secondary win condition, doing very well against most of the Deck Right Now

Firecracker is an obvious choice In this Deck deck at the moment due to his Long Range. Firecracker and Mega Minion is a very strong defending combo, they are also excellent at supporting the Giant.

Well, that’s it for this Double Prince Gaint Firecracker Deck guide, I hoped you enjoyed and

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