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Clash Royale Hog Valkyrie Musketeer Deck Arena 8+ 2020

Hi guys, I will show you Hog Valkyrie Musketeer Deck 2020, This is Cheap Cycle Hog Valkyrie Musketeer Deck which is a very good Arena 8 players, your main goal with this deck is defended efficiently as possible using the Valkyrie and musketeer and then hog push when you can. The deck only consists of commons and rares which means it is fairly easy for everyone to get access to the cards and to upgrade them to a decent level, a great option for all F2P players  so come and take a look at Hog Valkyrie Musketeer Deck Arena 8+ Guide

Hog Valkyrie Musketeer Deck Arena 8+

Hog Valkyrie Musketeer Deck Card Role:

1.) Hog Rider: The hog rider is your win condition in this deck. You can use him to pressure the opponent is they over spend on elixir or you know they don’t have any counters in rotation. It is a very versatile card and it is very useful because of it’s speed. But remember one this, whenever you are playing against someone with a heavy (Lava/Golem) deck, cycle to your hog and keep it ready, whenever they drop the tank , instantly push the other lane with your Hog, making him break his combo so you can deal with the golem on its own. But never over-commit on the other lane. A Golem on your tower with a support card is very dangerous.

2.) Musketeer: The musketeer is a great defensive card. She is your main air defense, you should try to protect her try to keep her alive for as long as possible in order to get the maximum value possible. The Musketeer is the only high direct damage troop capable of attacking air units, which makes her invaluable for defending against air decks. She is also one of the best air defense cards in this deck so you will want to have her ready on defense most of the time. If you face a heavy air deck, be sure to keep her ready whenever you need her with minions

3.) Minions: Originally this deck used Bats, but I switched to minions because they can survive zap and are untouched by the log. Minions also are a great way to spell bait your opponent.

4.) Ice Spirit: One of the strongest cards in the game IMO. For one elixir you get to cycle your deck. No other card offers such utility the ice spirit offers. Send this in with your Hog or use it on defense with Tesla.

5.) Skeletons: The second of your two versatile response cards. This is your fastest cycling card in the deck that you’ll rely on to get a lot of value and create a lot of positive elixir trades. Skeletons offer so much value for 1 elixir, kiting, distracting, and taking out a variety of units.

6.) Valkyrie: This is a dynamic card. It can be used for defending or attacking. It can take care of a Ice wiz and a Witch all by its own or Defend a Prince’s charge paired with a cheap unit Like Skeleton or Ice Spirit. When you are playing with a deck that has a tank (Giant) and some support cards like Witch and Wizard, always wait for the witch and wizard to come to the tower and drop the valk on top of them, she will take down both of them. She can also be very helpful if you place a Hog behind her, the Hog Will push her to the enemy tower or towards a defensive build, The key to using her effectively is waiting until the support troops cross the bridge.

7.) Tesla: Tesla is your main Defensive  card, it can be used defensively in the centre of the arena as a defensive unit. This card can one shot units like minions or goblins

8.) Zap: For the purposes of this deck, it is mainly reserved for zapping units , resetting Inferno Tower, and finishing off damaged troops. It can be used to reset Sparky, kill equal level Goblins, and also useful for those last HP of the tower, and to stun and reset any Prince charge.

Hog Valkyrie Musketeer Deck Gameplan:

This is a very fast paced deck but that doesn’t mean you can go all out at once. Be careful about you elixir and place down troops carefully for a Positive-Elixir trade. A good opening play with this deck is the placing a hog rider at the bridge, this can apply pressure and sometimes catch your opponent without a solid defensive card in cycle. You can then use your cycle cards to try and defend their push for a positive elixir trade.

As this is a cycle deck, you’ll likely be cycling small hog+Ice Spirit and hog+skeletons pushes. However if you’re up on elixir, you have a good opportunity to capitalize, or you don’t have anything else to play, the hog+Ice Spirit push is very effective.

Early game you one of their first things you should always do it try to figure out what deck your opponent is playing, this will help you understand how they’re likely to defend and then you can adjust your play style accordingly. Try to make positive elixir trades before you go too aggressive with your hog.

Your main defense against tanks and pushes is the Tesla and Musketeer and Valk is your secondary defensive card and You can support the Tesla to take out pushes very effectively.

Thanks for reading guys these are Clash Royale Hog Valkyrie Musketeer Deck Arena 8+ 2020

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