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Clash Royale June 2020 Update – Season 12 New Arena & More

Clash Royale June 2020 Update

Clash Royale June 2020 Update is around the corner, Hi guys, I will show you Clash Royale June 2020 Update & Season 12 New Arena, Tower Skin and More, The Season 12 will be Prince’s Dream. In Season 12 we are getting, 3 new emotes, new Skeleton Dragons Card, new arena and new challenges

Season 12 Tower Skin. A Prince Dream Skin for your tower with Pass Royale

New Prince Dream Arena:

Clash Royale June 2020 Update - New ArenA

New Skeleton Dragon Card:

Clash Royale Skeleton Dragons Tips

The Skeleton Dragons is a 4 Elixir Common card, You can unlock Skeleton Dragons in Arena 10 Hog Mountain. Skeleton Dragons come in pairs, they are very fragile, and It deals area damage, At tournament standard Skeleton Dragons does 142 Area Damage Continue Reading »

Clash Royale Season 12 Emote.

  • Prince Rainbows Emote
  • Pony Emote
  • Crying Dark Prince Emote

Clash Royale Season 12 Emotes

New Game Modes: ( Now confirmed yet )

  1. Prince spawner
  2. Skeleton Dragons spawner
  3. Firecracker spawner

More Sneak Peeks of Clash Royale June 2020 Update – Season 12 will be coming later this week. so bookmark this page and come back later

Thanks for reading, have fun

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