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Clash Royale May Update 2020 and Season 11 Sneak Peek ??

Season 11

Hi guys, Clash Royale May Update 2020 and Season 11 is coming on 4th May 2020, In the next Clash Royale May Update 2020 Season 11 we will get a new arena and so many new things also we can expect most awaited Clan War rework.

In may update Tornado is going to rework, Seth said on twitter that they will rework Tornado in next update, here is what he said about tornado

Good morning!
Tornado is getting a big rework in May. It’s aimed at increasing the skill cap at the highest levels of play. We don’t want defensive strategies to come down to Tornado’ing any attack together with splash damage. FACT: At 7k+, Tornado is used more than…
Check out his tweet here
Also someone poster on twitter this Image..
Clash Royale Season 11 Balance Changes
There Balance Changes are not Official yet but I hope this leak will be true
so guys, this is what we know about Clash Royale May Update 2020 and Season 11, we will update this page with more information
Thanks for reading, have fun

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