Top 6 Clash Royale Top Decks 2022 Arena 12

Hi guys, here are the Top 10 Clash Royale Meta Decks 2022 for Arena 9 to Arena 13, these Clash Royale Meta Decks 2022 will help you get to Master 3 league in clash royale 2022 season, This article contains the Clash Royale Meta Decks 2022  for Trophy pushing, Grand Challenges, Tournaments and Arena 13+

You can find the best Clash Royale Decks 2022, best grand challenges deck 2022, best trophy pushing decks 2022 on our website, so Let’s take a look at the best Clash Royale Meta Decks 2022.

Graveyard Best Clash Royale Meta Decks 2022

Clash Royale Meta Decks May 2021

This Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck 2021 is very famous in Clash Royale Grand Challenge 2021, This deck has 72% Win rate in the clash royale ladder, If you love Graveyard decks then this deck is for you. It will help you reach 5200 trophies very easily this deck has the famous trio, baby dragon, E wiz, and Goblin Cage which synergies very well together to help you defend and counter push. With all graveyard decks, you should primarily focus on defending and then counter pushing throughout the match.

Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck  2022 Challenger 3 Deck Tips:

  • Hover your support spell over the tower to have a faster reaction to their counter.

  • If you get a tower down very low on HP switch to the other tower and begin whittling it down, you want to activate the King Tower as late as possible.

  • Space your Ewiz out of Fireball and Poison range when using your Goblin Cage on defense, like this.

The key to winning against heavy decks is to immediately drop the Goblin Cage if they start their push farther back (not at the bridge), that way you can cycle to a 2nd Goblin Cage by the time they kill the 1st one. You may also choose to pressure the opposite lane so they cannot build a full push Continue Reading »

Click Here to Read Full Depth: Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck  2022 Challenger 3 Deck

Best Golem Meta 2022

Clash Royale Best Golem Decks 2021

This is one of the best trophy pushing deck in clash royale 2021, you can use this Golem Skeleton Dragons Deck 2021 for Trophy Pushing also this deck is very good for Grand Challenges.

Golem is the main tank of your deck. He has the most health out of any tank in the game. he has the capability of taking the Tower on his own, and with support such as Night Witch or Skeleton Dragons, his potential can truly be maximized. 

You’ll use him mostly in double elixir time but oftentimes, in a situation where you have a 2+ elixir lead in single elixir time you can execute a tower-taking push in the first two minutes.

Night Witch: This card is a beast on defense, and perfect for counter-pushing. Behind a Golem with Skeleton Dragons, it is an absolute beast. The bats create a swarm and are perfect for chipping down troops, and your opponent will get punished if they leave the bats alone. They also can distract an Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon if you don’t have Zap in your hand. The Night Witch itself does good damage.

In Defence Effective against ground troops like hog and miner. Playing her first behind your towers allows her more time to spawn bats which can help aid your defense. If the opponent has rocket or lightening try to keep her out of range of the towers to avoid giving the opponent good spell value Continue Reading »

Best Clash Royale Best Challenger 3 Decks 2022

Clash Royale Meta Decks May 2021

This Knight Goblin Barrel Deck Deck is one of the best Clash Royale Challenger 3 Deck in the 4600 trophies range, This deck has a 51.6% win rate in the game, also this Knight Goblin Barrel cycle deck is incredibly strong Grand Challenge.

This deck has the Princess, goblin gang, Ice Spirits, and the inferno tower which can all be used to bait out your opponent’s small spell so you can punish them with your Goblin barrel which is the main win condition inside this Knight Barrel Deck deck.

The Knight is a Primary Defensive Card, which is used to defend support troops, then counter push with a Goblin Barrel.

The Knight offers insane value for 3 elixirs, with his tank, and ability to fight back, unlike the ice golem. He can be used to distract support troops, while the Inferno Tower melts things like Giants and Golems away. You can also pop him in front of the princess at the bridge to tank for her.

Goblin Barrel: One of the Chip Damage Cards in the deck. I usually like to use him after my opponent plays a relatively expensive card. If my opponent places a Golem at the back, place the Knight at the bridge and throw a Goblin Barrel.

This Princess Knight Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10+ k has two win conditions which are the Goblin Barrel and the Rocket

These two win conditions are your primary damage dealers, but one of them is almost always used for tower damage (Goblin Barrel), and the other one (Rocket) is only used in two situations

Poison Miner Hunter Deck 2022 for Arena 11+

Clash Royale Meta Decks May 2021

The Strategy of this Poison Miner Hunter Deck 2021 for Arena 11+ is the same as your usual Miner Control Deck As you can see, this is a cheap elixir deck You have to deal with damage by using the Miner as a tanker followed by cheap units like Ice Spirit and Log. This deck is all about defending and counterpunching, and chipping!

If you have the Miner in hand, you can directly go to his tower to check what cards he will use to counter your Miner If they have Goblins and no Barrel, I would maybe use a Miner in front of Tower+ pre-emptive Log for an example. This will allow you to get the Log damage+ Miner damage.

Hunter and Knight will be your main defensive card, You can use Tornado to activate your knight tower and Miner will help you to take out the opponent pump and Princess Continue Reading »


3 Musketeer Best Clash Royale Meta Decks 2022

5.) Clash Royale 3 Musketeer Best Clash Royale Meta Decks 2021

Pros about this deck

  • This deck give you many options on defense and offense despite the high average elixir cost
  • This deck gives you immense comeback potential. You can often win even if you have a significant tower health deficit
  • You can win unfavorable matchups if you play skillfully and don’t make any critical mistakes
  • You can change your playstyle depending on the situation of the match
  • This deck is less prone to card nerfs

Cons about this deck

  • This deck does not have massive matchup advantages to many decks
  • One mistake with this deck can cause serious problems
  • You will often take quite a bit of damage in single elixir time
  • Your card cycles can easily get messed up if your opponent plays well or if you had to play an awkward defense
  • The pump does not appear in the starting hand, preventing you to pump up of your opponent does not make a starting move

How to play this 3 Musketeer Battle Ram Deck 2021 Arena 10+


Single Elixir Time

  • If you make the first move do not play a card higher than 3 elixir since you might not have enough elixir on defense if they try to play aggressive
  • Try to play passively and pump up as safely and as often as you can
  • Counter your opponent’s pushes while keeping up with their cycle
  • If they have a large elixir deficit, try to counter push to punish
  • Only play the three musketeers reactively to counter pushes
  • Try to split your opponent’s damage between the two princess towers

Double Elixir Time

  • This is when you can play more aggressively
  • If your opponent does not have any hard counters to your three musketeers in cycle, you can safely split three musketeers in the back and place an ice golem on the two musketeers side and a battle ram on the one musketeer side. Make sure to get your zap ready and send a miner to deal additional damage or redirect units
  • In double elixir time, it is not recommended to pump up since you will give spell value to your opponent and it is often the case that your opponent can out cycle their spells for your three musketeers. Only pump up if you can’t push and have an elixir advantage that you readily can’t use.
  • If one of your towers is low and another is healthy and you are worried that your opponent will spell cycle you, split three musketeers where two musketeers are on the health tower side and the one musketeer is on the low health side. If they use their spell on the one musketeer side. Go hard in the paint on the two musketeer side.

If your tower health is super low, you must apply constant pressure to prevent them from spell cycling you. It is all or nothing. You can use your minion horde more liberally and make more risky plays if you can’t break through your opponent’s defenses

Mega Knight Bandit Clash Royale Meta Decks 2022

Mega Knight Bandit Deck 2019

Mega Knight: Main Damage Dealer His main role in this deck is defending pushes and then counterattacking with Battle Ram or a Bandit

In single elixir, You have to use this card just 1-3 times because he’s so expensive. His main problem is DPS, so pairing him with Bats is a perfectly devastating push for only 9 elixirs.

I rarely would deploy him in the back because you need to save his landing damage for defending hogs and other attacks., In double elixir, you can easily defend a big push and then throw everything behind him for a massive unstoppable push!

Bandit: She’s your main offensive support.  Bandit is perfect for placing behind a Battle Ram or Mega Knight and destroying towers with ease.

She’s not only your best offensive support, she’s also a major defensive card in this deck. Her dash and just general 160 DPS is perfect for killing small to medium HP cards.

Battle Ram: The Battle Ram is your primary win condition in this deck. A tourney standard ram can nearly take out a tower on its own if left alone and you would be surprised how often this actually happen

So guys this was the Top 10 Best Clash Royale Meta Decks 2022