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Clash Royale October Update 2019 – New Arena Coming

Clash Royale October Update 2019 - New Draft Mode Version

Clash Royale October Update 2019 Hi guys Clash Royale October Update 2019 is going to be very interesting, this Clash Royale October Update 2019 will come on 7th October and we will get new season 4 with Spooky Arena, Two new gamemodes, New card, New Tower Skin, Pass Royale improvements So much cool stuff coming in Season 4

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Season 4: Shocktober

  • Earn rewards, including an exclusive Seasonal Tower Skin & Emote. Instantly unlock perks!
  • Perk: Unlimited re-entries and continues for special challenges.
  • Perk: Exclusive golden player name color.
  • Perk: Tier chests get Strikes. Strikes give a better chance to get the cards you want.
  • Perk: Queue your next chest to unlock automatically.
  • Costs $4.99 USD
  • Gives free gifts to Clanmates!
  • Bonus Bank: Earn up to 10000 Gold once Reward Tiers are complete!

In Clash Royale Season 4 New card elixir Golem coming which is very good Tank,  when Elixir Golem dies It splits into two Golemite and when Golemite dies It splits in two small blobs

Clash Royale October 2019 Balance Update


  • Hitpoints: -12%

  • Damage: +220%

  • Hit Speed: -40%

  • Splash: -45%

Changes to spawned Skeletons

  • Spawns 4 Skeletons around the Witch

  • Spawn Time slower 5sec > 7sec

  • No longer spawns Skeletons when destroyed

Witch has been a difficult card to balance since Clash Royale’s debut. When we began the process of reworking cards, Witch was near the top of our list. Our goal is to remove her most frustrating elements:

  1. Endless Skeletons preventing melee from reaching her

  2. Spell resistance, reducing counterplay against her

  3. Skeletons moving the Witch causing re-targeting

The new Witch will be much closer to a Musketeer than a Wizard. Her bolts are very powerful, able to defeat a Princess or Dart Goblin in a single attack. She retains a bit of splash area, and can now be defeated by Fireball + Zap – she has the same health as Hunter now. Each wave will spawn 4 Skeletons around her in a square. She works a lot more like the Clash of Clans Witch, and hopefully finds a place in the meta without making you pull your hair out.

Night Witch

  • Bats spawned when destroyed: 2 > 4

With the removal of Witch’s ‘death spawn’ Skeletons, we have decided the Night Witch’s focus should be more about HER ‘death spawn’. She’s slowly trended down the usage charts, so we have increased the amount of Bats released when she’s destroyed to 4, to make her a more compelling support Troop (and Clone target).

Wall Breakers

  • Elixir cost: 3 > 2

  • Damage: -10%

  • Mass: +100%

Poor little Wall Breakers have never cracked the 40% win rate mark in Challenges. Our goal for Wallbreakers is to enable hyper-fast cycle decks, that keep slow decks on their toes and punish them for expensive investments. They clearly were not doing that job at 3 Elixir, so we dropped their cost. Increased Mass means they are better able to push their way to the Tower walls – so bombs away!


  • Damage: -6%

  • Hitpoints: -5%

Maurice has been fish-slapping his way through the Arena for the last month. We are thrilled how he has changed up the metagame, but it’s clear he’s still a bit too strong. We are introducing counterplay in 2 ways: He’ll now die to Fireball + Log and will not 1-hit Goblins.


  • Damage: +2%

This is a relatively small change – we wanted more counters to the sturdy Mega Minion in the meta. Hunter used to fall juuuust short of 1-hitting a Mega Minion, now a point-blank shotgun blast will take care of the flying menace.


  • Knockback: -17%

Snowball is a high-skill small Spell, so it’s not surprising that it is near the top of the win rate chart. We felt it was providing slightly too much of a stun effect with its powerful knockback, so we are reducing the distance of the that Troops are pushed back.

Several Clash Royale content creators have also had access to our developer build for Season 4 – so check YouTube for more in-depth coverage of these changes!

Let us know what you think of the changes – they’ll be in your hands soon!

Stay Spooky,

The Clash Royale Team

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