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Clash Royale Bandit Pekka Bridge Spam Deck 2020

Pekka Bridge Spam Deck 2019_opt

Bandit Pekka Bridge Spam Deck 2020  Hi guys Bandit Pekka Bridge Spam Deck 2020 today I am going to show you PBandit Pekka Bridge Spam Deck 2020 , In Current Meta, This Pekka Bridge Spam Deck 2019 | Pekka Battle Ram Deck is working very well and so many pro players are using this deck basically Bridge spam means to deploy the counter troops on the bridge. And by doing so, we expect to deal with damage on the tower. There are so many players in both lower and higher arena who play with bridge spam.

Pekka Bridge Spam Deck 2019

Pekka Bridge Spam Deck 2019 | Pekka Battle Ram Deck

Pekka– Always try to use this card on defense to answer win conditions or tanks like Hog, Giant, and Golem. Once the tank is disposed of, COUNTERPUSH with the leftover PEKKA and your support cards. I don’t use it on offense because then I have nothing for their tank

Bandit- This card is still really nifty. Provides immense pressure for when your opponent is trying to build a strong push, but also provides a great defense against all sorts of things, like Wizard and Prince. All in all a versatile card

Barb Barrel/Zap/Fireball– I’m just going to talk about all the spells in one section. Fireball+Zap takes care of any fireballys, and barb Barrel is a nifty card that can take care of a lot of things like the ever annoying Witcb. Because it is technically a Triple Spell Deck, it works well against Bait. Also Fireball is a very decent choice for spell cycling to win a match

Dart Goblin: Incredibly obnoxious to deal with in my opinion. The longer he stays alive, the more value he gets in chipping troops. Even though his last nerf made it so a Zapped Dart Goblin couldn’t get two shots on the tower, his chip damage is still annoying

Ewiz- One of the most important cards that help ensure your PEKKA can connect to the tower by stopping Inferno Towers and Dragons. Spawn Zap is very situational, but useful in the right scenario.

Battle Ram- The win condition of this deck, this is never a card your opponent can afford to leave unchecked, and it also provides situational kiting of cards and defense. It baits out buildings for the PEKKA, and works very nicely when combined with the Bandit and so on

Thanks for reading this Pekka Bridge Spam Deck 2020 | Pekka Battle Ram Deck All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.

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