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Clash Royale Pekka Fisherman Deck 2020 | Pekka Hunter Deck

Clash Royale Pekka Fisherman Deck Arena 10 2019

Pekka Fisherman Deck Arena 10+ Hi Guys Pekka Fisherman Deck Arena 10+, I am actually here today to share with you guys an amazing Pekka Fisherman Deck Arena 10+, after winning Fisherman Draft Challenge I tried this Pekka Fisherman Deck Arena 10+ and reached at 5000+ Trophies. This Deck Includes Hunter and Royale Ghost along with Pekka and Fisherman so come and take a look at this guide

Pekka Fisherman Deck Arena 10+

Pekka: One of the (if not the best) defensive cards in the game. Excellent tank killer and good tank for the rest of the cards in this deck. She works extremely well on the counter push, meaning you can kill a Hog with her, then push with Hunter or Skeleton Barrel ! She is also your main counter to your opponent tanks like Giant or Mega Knight. would not suggest using it as a win-condition because as well all know, Pekka is easily distracted and killed by swarm units.

Royal Ghost: For 3 Elixir, he goes invisible (great for defence BTW!), does area damage and even puts good sized dents in the opponent’s Arena Tower Here, he finds his place behind the Pekka to protect him from deadly ground swarms such as Goblins. The invisibility allows him to bypass deadly single shot troops so he can attack them while they frantically shoot at the Pekka.

Valkyrie- The second best defensive card in this deck and should always be used defensively and then turn into a counter push if appropriate. When combined with Hunter it can shut down the splashers behind a tank

Hunter: Hunter This card is very Good For 4 Elixir though, he has a lot of health and It can actually take out a Mini P.E.K.K.A if it’s dropped on top of the Hunter. The Hunter is an absolute beast on defence and can take out most units But you have to Use this card to support your Pekka

Fireball: This card is very useful on both offence and defence. On offence, It kills Minion Horde and really hurts anti-air troops. It can also be used with Log to kill such cards as well as to obliterate the Three Musketeers before they do any significant damage. Overall, it’s mostly self-explanatory.

Fisherman:  This card is back in Meta in this Season 13, and everyone stars using this card in Grand Challenge after the Buff in July 2020 Balance Update.

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Offensive Combinations-

  1. Pekka + Skeleton Barrel 
  2. Pekka + Hunter
  3. Valkyrie + Skeleton Barrel

Defensive Combinations-

  1. Valkyrie + Hunter
  2. Pekka + Hunter


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Thanks for reading this Pekka Fisherman Deck Arena 10+ guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.


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