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Clash Royale Ram Rage Challenge Deck ( Season 15 Challenge )

Hi guys, Ram Rage Challenge Deck is here and In this post, I will show you Ram Rage Challenge Deck for the upcoming Ram Rage Challenge, this challenge is going to start from 15 September 2020, In this Ram Rage Challenge Ram Rider is permanently raged, so come and take a look at this Ram Rage Challenge Decks

Bandit Pekka Ram Rider Deck

Baby Dragon Pekka Ram Rider Deck

It will take up some time to build up elixir to use Lightning, so this is usually used in your full push when it’s double elixir or when you’re confident Lightning will take out the only counter your opponent has for P.E.K.K.A. Also great for finishing off <350 HP Towers Continue Reading »

Bridge Spam Ram Rider Heal Spirit Deck 2020

This deck is pretty similar to the other bridge spam deck, In the early game Check out your opponent Cards and Let them make the first move and get the counter ready for their troops. Always Hold Your Cards like Inferno Dragon or theMagic Archer as they are prime defenses for this Royal Ghost Bridge Spam Deck

Ram Rider Pekka Skeleton Dragons Deck

In early game, you need to know your opponent win conditions and keep hard counters in hand. If you know the current meta you should have a good guess as to what deck they’re playing by the first 3-4 cards. For example, if someone plays Battle Healer, Night Witch, then Baby Dragon, I immediately know that for sure he is playing an Elixir Golem deck or Golem Deck.

In double elixir game you just have to Support your P.E.K.K.A by using Skeleton Dragons + Electro Dragon to deal with supporting troops while damaging the tank, or just cut them off with Bandit or Barb Barrel Continue Reading »

Mega Knight Ram Rage Challenge Deck

Fisherman Ram Rider Deck

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