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Rascals Balloon Deck Arena 10+

Rascals Balloon Deck Arena 10+ Hi, guys Rascals Balloon Deck Arena 10+, BadW0lf here I’ve been playing Clash Royale for 1 year and 10 months, now. And throughout this time, I’ve been mainly focused on archetypes and decks which involved Balloon. This was solely due to the fact that I absolutely loved Loonions (Loons + Minions) on Clash of Clans for farming and sometimes war 2 years ago. Since then, I’ve improved my game quite a lot by learning the little things and mechanics which revolve around Balloon and its counters.

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Rascals Balloon Deck Arena 10+

  • Inferno Tower melts everything down in a matter of seconds and is very dominant in the meta due to the low usage of Zaps. Even if the Opponent has Zap, you can bait it out using Bats or bait zap out using IT and punish using Bats.
  • Rascals are also really great defensively AND offensively, as they can be split behind the King Tower, and they can’t be punished near the princess tower unless the opponent has Log, Fireball, or Poison.

  • Ice Golem is a god-tier kiting troop that can distract support troops while the IT or Rascals melt down win-conditions.

  • Miner can be used defensively AND offensively against Bandit, Princess, Prince, Dark Prince, Wizards, Pump, and even BattleRam in some cases! Keep in mind that the Miner is your only response against Pumps. So tread carefully and don’t be too aggressive with it if you’re not sure the opponent has Pump or not.

  • Snowball and Barbarrel are the two best spells in the game right now. They give so much value and are great on offense AND defense. Snowball can clear out all squishy (knock-backable (if that’s even a word)) troops out of the way for your Balloon so that it can connect to the Tower(s). It can also hardcounter fireballies if played at the right time while they cross the bridge towards your princess tower(s). The barbarrel on other hand, can hard counter many Squishy units, as well, and can demand a response from your opponent if you play it at the bridge as it can always deliver two hits on unprotected Princess Towers.

  • Balloon can be countered easily using many cards; IT, Ewiz, MegaMinion, Minions, Minion Horde, Inferno Dragon, Tesla, Fireball, Musketeer + Snowball, and many more cards. This is why you almost never send a solo Balloon unless you’re trying to bait out their counter so that you could cycle back to it and then do a real push on their towers later using some of the “fatal combos”. The following combos can be deadly if you catch your opponent off-guard and out-of-cycle for their counters:

    • IceGolem + Balloon: If the Balloon is protected by the Ice Golem, the opponent’s bats will die immediately to the death damage of the Ice Golem. If they play Minions/Minion Horde, they can die to the death damage of the Ice Golem + a Snowball. The Ice Golem can also distract buildings while the Balloon reaches it and decimates it for really good value as it may require your opponent to play even more cards to defend reasonably.

    • Miner + Ballon: If they have no buildings in cycle, you can push by dropping your Balloon first, and then the Miner on the tower. This will still let the Miner tank for your Balloon if you time it correctly. I love this combo the most; either the opponent will have to respond to the Miner’s 500 chip damage, the Balloon’s 3k damage, or both. All of these will be in your favor as it will drain your opponent of elixir and will make you in control of the flow of the match. However, I do not suggest doing this in Single Elixir, as it requires 8 elixir to do this push, which is pretty damn high.

    • Barbarrel + Balloon: I usually do this only when I’m sure the barbarrel will get me value on defense, i.e: destroy ground swarms, get squishy troops distracted while they’re on your side of the bridge… etc. The barbarrel will only give value against ground troops on offense, hence you’ll need to Snowball the Bats/Minions/MegaMinion they may send your way.

Rascals Balloon Deck Arena 10+ Gameplan:

This Rascals Balloon Deck Arena 10+ is relatively F2P friendly, as it only contains one legendary troop and two epics. The rest of the cards are all commons and rares. Thanks to Tokens, you can upgrade it in no time. As I, myself, am relatively F2P (as in, I never spend money on the game, but I do participate in custom tournies which award you with in-game gifts), yet I’ve been able to max it out in a very short period of time (relatively speaking, of course).

The Rascals Balloon Deck Arena 10+ cycles really quick. It has four 2-elixir cards, two of which are spells (one of which spawns a troop), and the other are troops. Three out of the other four cards are 5-elixir cards, and the last one is the 3-elixir Miner. This gives way to making really good plays and be a force to be reckoned with on defense AND offence.

Rascals Balloon Deck Arena 10+ Match Up:
  1. Goblin Giant Beatdown [Hard Counter!] The problem with GG is not the Win-con itself, it’s the damn Sparky. Since you lack resetting troops/spells (i.e: Ewiz, Zap, and Electro Dragon), you’re gonna have a hard time against this matchup. This is the most annoying deck to against as it hard counters yours. I still struggle against it, but if I use Rascals to surround Sparky and distract it with iGolem, Barbarrel, or Miner, I sometimes can have a chance to win.

  2. Royal Giant Beatdown (Difficulty: Hard) Any matchup with Lightning is hard to win. This is why you must always cycle back to another iTower whenever you’ve placed an initial one. Furnace can be countered using Miner or Barbarrel, and Baby Dragon can be distracted using iGolem for a +2 elixir trade. The other support troops can be dealt with using Rascals alone!

  3. Mortar Bait (Difficulty: Hard) Defending against this deck is easy, attacking isn’t. For every single card in your deck, they have a counter. This is why you must take it easy and make as many positive elixir trades on defense as you can and don’t use the Loon until you’re sure they’re at a massive elixir deficit and their counters can be countered using your Snowball, Barbarrel, or Miner.

  4. Bridge-Spam (Difficulty: Hard) PEKKA is easy to deal with using iTower; the Ewiz makes it a bit difficult to do so. Much like Mortar Bait, you must always have enough elixir to defend as each card in their deck can potentially take your tower out if you don’t answer it appropriately. BattleRam/RamRider can be countered using iTower, however you must cycle back to iTower ASAP to be ready for their next wave of PEKKA spam as that’s what Bridge Spam players feed off: POSITIVE ELIXIR TRADES! They drain you out of elixir and they punish mercilessly and out of nowhere, BAM! You’ve lost three towers, a mobile phone, Karen, your kids, house, and dignity. Having two enemy PEKKAs, as you stare into the opponent’s crying emojis as they spam WELL PLAYED! on the screen can be excruciating, that’s why I always suggest closing the application the second you’ve lost a tower. Trust me, it’s more dignifying that way.

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