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Clash Royale Season 4 Shocktober – Pass Royale Season 4

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Clash Royale Season 4 Release Date Hi guys Clash Royale Season 4 will release on 7 October 2019 and new card Elixir Golem, Halloween Arena Arena and new emote coming to this Clash Royale in Season 4 also in Clash Royale October Update 2019 2 new game modes coming

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Clash Royale Season 4: Shocktober

  • Earn rewards, including an exclusive Seasonal Tower Skin & Emote. Instantly unlock perks!
  • Perk: Unlimited re-entries and continues for special challenges.
  • Perk: Exclusive golden player name color.
  • Perk: Tier chests get Strikes. Strikes give a better chance to get the cards you want.
  • Perk: Queue your next chest to unlock automatically.
  • Costs $4.99 USD
  • Gives free gifts to Clanmates!
  • Bonus Bank: Earn up to 10000 Gold once Reward Tiers are complete!

Pass Royale: Free Gifts to Clanmates

  • When purchased, clan notification includes gold gifts for other clan members.
  • Each player can collect up to 10 of these gifts.
  • If the player switches clan, that counter persists.
  • Players cannot receive the gift if he joined the clan after the Pass was purchased.
  • The amount of claimable gold is dependent on King level (up to 500 Gold)

Pass Royale: Bonus Bank

  • Available to players who have purcahsed Pass Royale
  • After all 35 tiers are completed, every 10 crowns contribute 250 Gold to the Bonus Bank.
  • Victory gold for the entire season are also added to the Bonus Bank.
  • Bank contents can be claimed at the end of the current season, when the new season begins.
  • Bank holds a maximum of 10,000 Gold.
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