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Clash Royale Season 5 Update November 2019 New Arena & More

Clash Royale Season 5 Update

Clash Royale Season 5 Update Hi guys Clash Royale Season 5 Update is Here’s what to expect for Season 5 (November 2019). Jump to Tierbreakers, Goblin Feast, Elixir Golem Official Release, Balance Changes, Clan War Collection Day Battles, Mega Touchdown, 2v2 Touchdown Changes


Tiebreakers will be added to 1v1 Ladder. This means that all of the game modes will have a tiebreaker, with the lowest-health tower as the decider.

Goblin Feast

The theme for Season 5 is the Great Goblin Feast. Pass Royale holders will unlock the exclusive Party Hut tower skin and Dart Goblin emote. Everyone will be battling at the Great Goblin Feast Arena.

Elixir Golem: Official Release

Elixir Golem is officially released and will be available for everyone to unlock from chests starting in Electro Valley (Arena 10).

Clan War Collection Day Battles


Triple Draft

Classic Decks





Mega Touchdown

    • New game mode
    • Primary way to play Touchdown in challenges
    • Follows Mega Deck building rules (18 cards)
    • 2x Elixir

2v2 Touchdown Changes

    • Updated draft choices
    • Guaranteed 2 “Runners” (fast troops / building targeters) for each player
    • Guaranteed 1-2 Building cards for each player
    • Elixir per player increased from 70% to 100%

Source: Royale Api

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