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Clash Royale Miner Elixir Golem Deck Arena 12+ 2020

Hi guys Sparky Miner Elixir Golem Deck Arena 12+ 2020 I will show you Sparky Miner Elixir Golem Deck Arena 12+ 2020 which is very good for Arena 12 or above, This Sparky Miner Elixir Golem Deck Arena 12+ 2020 Avg Elxircost is 3.3, we have sparky for defense and Offence so come and take a look at this Sparky Miner Elixir Golem Deck Arena 12+ 2020

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Sparky Miner Elixir Golem Deck

Sparky Miner Elixir Golem Deck Card Role:

1.) Miner: This card is your Main win Condition If your opponent is using an Elixir Collector, his main mission is to take it out! You rarely want to send him in alone unless you have a bad cycle and that’s your only option

If they don’t have a pump, you will use him as a tank in counter pushes. Try not to be predictable with your Miner placement later in the match. You don’t want him to be countered by prediction Skeletons or Goblins.

2.) Elixir Golem: This is great tank for miner in this deck, when Elixir Golem dies it Splits into two Elixir Golemites when destroyed, which split into two sentient Blobs when defeated. A Blob gives your opponent 1 Elixir when destroyed

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3.) Sparky: She boasts a large iron coil and wheels of wood, dealing huge area damage after charging up, She is your threat card, NOT a win condition! I repeat, DO NOT use Sparky as a win condition.  Doing so will cause you to lose the match.

4.) Spear Goblin and Bats: If you know your opponent doesn’t have zap available these cards are very good and they can be used on defense against ground troops. Also, the best counter for taking out a Balloon quickly. They are also very good at defending against Graveyard if it is not accompanied by a Poison.

6.) Zap/Log- This deck lacks reset so in my opinion Zap is a far better choice for the deck than Log but it is slightly weaker to Log bait in that case. Just try both.

7.) Goblin Gang: Great defensive card if you know your opponent doesn’t have log or zap in their hand. They can be spread out a bit to cause great distractions and still deal a decent amount of damage. They can take out Goblin Barrel without tower damage if played quickly enough. If you have no other play, they can be their own mini push that can’t be left alone.

8.) Minion Horde: Not To much to say about this card, You all know how to use it

Sparky Miner Elixir Golem Deck Gameplan:

When using this Sparky Miner Elixir Golem Deck, you should focus on defense. Wait for your opponent to make a move and react to it.

The only think I would suggest is maybe sending in a lone Ice Spirit at the beginning of the game to try and get them to defend.

If you have Miner to start, I would wait until around 2:30 for them to make a move. If they don’t, they most likely don’t have an Elixir Collector in their hand so you can send him in to start the chip damage.

After that, it’s all about defending and then creating counter pushes to chip away at your opponent’s tower.

Most of the time, you will not three crown an opponent with this deck, it is about keeping your towers healthy.

Use this deck defensively and turn what troops you have left into a counter push with the Miner or Elixir Golem as the tank.

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