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Clash Royale March Update 2020 News Supercell Interview by KFC

Clash Royale Season 12 Update

Hey guys, KFC Clash just finished his interview with Drew from the Clash Royale Developer Team and He askes some amazing questions from drew about, Upcoming Updates, Heroes in Clash Royale, Clan War rework etc etc and you can read all the question and answer below.

Supercell Interview: Heal Rework, Update News, Ladder Changes etc.

1.) Why only 1 Global Tournament per season?

Global Tournaments were initially run frequently to act as kinda off the revamped tournament feature in the game but now having only one per month allows them to make an even bigger deal out of them – In order to get to a super competitive scene within the game!

2.) Tournament Rework in 2020?

No plans to rework private tournament at the moment. They acknowledge that there are a few issues with grand and classic challenges at the moment, and plan to fix all three at the same time. If it was easy it would have been done already.

3.) Are there any plans to make changes to GCs or CCs?

No plans for tokens, they tried to merge the queues for both challenges in one update but didn’t work out. They are working towards one challenge with everybody in it so it’s less split to minimise long queue times as you get higher up.

4.) Plans to change ladder to be more F2P friendly in 2020?

No plans to change ladder itself directly. In general other areas of the game will be revamped for more rewards to give players a better chance to level up. They do have plans for higher level players. Small things like monthly seasonal card boosts are also implemented to help F2P players. No long term plans for ladder atm however.

5.) Changes for Higher Level Players?

They are keen to introduce something above 6000 trophies such as BO3 mode that players will have to play in order to force players to bring there ‘A’ game as a real test of skill. They are developing some new deck building stuff for BO3s as well. This change is really for players that have the ability to play more than one deck.

6.) Biggest Change to Lookout for in 2020?

Right now they are in ‘Hard-Core Dev mode’ and according to Drew it’s really exciting working on the next update which we will find out more about in March. (4 Year Anniversary!)

7.) What Direction do you see CR Esports taking and how are we getting there?

They love CRL so it will continue, they want to open Semi-pro esports to a wider audience!

8.) And plans to help smaller and upcoming creators grow?

They used to have a really exclusive creator club ( that used to put a lot of people off, so now they have a creator portal where anyone can sign up to go and find their inn. They want to provide resources and put them in touch with other creators.

9.) 2v2 Ladder or GCs?

2v2 Ladder would be amazing, but it can get quite complicated. Do they combine 2v2 and 1v1 trophies? Do they add a whole new trophy road? Basically there are more important things to add in the game at the moment, not ruled out at the moment however.

10.) Are we going to see a Clan War Rework this year?

Clan Wars will be looked at this year to be made better, there’s so many good ideas but changing one little thing won’t revamp it like they want it as ‘Huge End-Game Content.’

11.) Would you consider lowering the price of GC’s & CC’s or Legendary’s in the shop?

It’s important to maintain a steady price. You need to have the gold standard. For example you know a legendary cost 500 gems which equated to 40 000 gold, and messing with that messes with a lot of other things in the game. (Seth knows more about this sort of thing!) They saw legendary tokens were a great way to level up those cards and they want more methods like that but it gets a bit tricky if you arbitrarily change a number somewhere.

12.) Do you use Code KFC?

“Yes I do actually” 😛

13.) What is the teams stance on removing cards from the game? Because cards like Heal become really hard to balance because of the nature of the card.

They are actually changing Heal, by replacing with another card entirely! You will maintain all cards you originally had of Heal and will have the same for the new card. It’s not really fair to remove cards because they would have to refund you all of the stuff that you’ve bought.

14.) Are there plans to add Heroes in Clash Royale?

Wait and see… Heroes, sounds really cool and awesome, but in reality will it really work? Is it cool to have a card that destroys everything. They have been thinking about ways to implement Heroes into the game but nothing has really stuck out yet. If it clicks with the whole team for sure they will add them. End of the game it’s about making the best game possible.

15.) How do you guys do the Balance Changes?

More of a question for Seth but, win rates is a super easy thing to look directly at. If a card has a 60% win rate for 2 weeks it obviously needs to be looked into. When Seth is looking to make a new card with similar features to another card, a lot of the time they will look at the original card and think how can they change that one to be balanced instead. With Witch and splash units, they wanted some more diversity in the splash units but then they realised that they don’t really need to be more diverse, splash units are so powerful as a concept already. There’s so many different possibilities but really putting it out to the players is where you get a feel for it.

16.) Would you rather release cards overpowered or under-powered into the game?

The general release philosophy is overpowered over under-powered. Releasing an under-powered card such as Wall Breakers (at release) really sucks for everyone. They think they did a good job with cards such as Fire Cracker and Battle Healer with introducing them with the card boost that allows players to play with these cards instantly, allowing Supercell to get a gauge of how good it is. They would rather release a card into the meta a feel like it changed something rather than just sitting in the card pool with no change made.

17.) More Deck Slots?

As more modes get added to the game, Drew feels as though he does need more deck slots as he has a deck for each challenge for example. He would really love more than 5 and if they were making those changes Drew will really be pushing for those extra deck slots for more customisation for players. It’s more complicated than just added the GFX in game. For example gold names took a whole month to add (they underestimated how long it would take.)

Hope You Enjoyed 🙂 #CodeKFC

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