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Conquerors Blade Tier List 2023 and Beginner Guide Wiki

Looking for Conquerors Blade Tier List 2023? You are at the right place, In this Conquerors Blade Tier List 2023 we will show you weapons ranking with some beginner guide.

So come and take a look at this Conquerors Blade Tier List 2023 and Beginner Guide Wiki

Conquerors Blade Tier List 2023 and Beginner Guide Wiki

You should be doing the main story quests (The Gods of War), because this will give you excellent rewards, horses, mounts, equipment and weapons. Something to note, at level 60 they will give you an epic rarity weapon, a set of relics to exchange for a unit of the silver age, a completely rare set of horse mounts, and some books to reset skill points.

The Gods of War quest line ends at level 100(?) with a “Castle Governor” outfit set for playing so hard!

You don’t have to worry about which statistics to add. I find the automatic assignment works fine. As long as you are using only one weapon.

although you are good at everything, you are not excellent at anything, well, I tried almost all the classes in a single pj, and with some basic stats it’s fine, but if you go for full strength and agility, you can only use one pair (nodachi, short sword and shield).

For example, if I use the glaive predominantly, the auto-assignment will put points into strength, stamina, and armor. However, if I maul midway at level 40, the auto-allocation will try to allocate points with agility! This must be avoided.

Level 60 is where the stat differences are evened out, no more level points are awarded.

Since level 60 is where the playing field is more or less even, your goal should be to get to level 60 as quickly as possible.

(Translator’s note: In other words, when you reach level 60, the games are matched, with players of level 60 or higher, the difficulty becomes notable, therefore, the rapid progress decreases).

Conquerors Blade Weapon Guide 2023

While you do get skill reset books as you level up, they are NOT unlimited. You must choose a weapon to specialize.

(Translator’s note: this is very important because at most you get 3 books of stat changes, two at level 60, and one more at level 90)

Another reason to specialize is that the strongest skill in the weapon skill tree requires skill books, which only come from weekly quests and the rare deathmatch drop. You have a temporary lock on them and you will have to choose which weapons you want to invest in.

You are also free to experiment with other weapons in the same armor weight class. This way, there is no need to keep and trade multiple armor sets.

“For example, I specialized in glaive, which uses heavy armor. It’s easier for me to switch to Sword and Shield than to use the musket, which requires me to wear another set of level 30 medium armor.” –Enoshima Junko.

(Translator’s note: In my case, I specialized in the nodachi, which uses medium armor, and gives access to the musket, and most weapons).

After playing enough, you will accumulate enough skill points to unlock all weapon classes. I reached this point very easily at level 40

of the week, since it matches you with a single player and the rest are bots, and the best thing is that they give points as if it were a player).

Each weapon has a special skill tree that has unique effects.
For example, glaive gives you an extra slash ability on horseback. Nodachi has a skill tree that focuses on lifestyle, etc.

(Translator’s note, all classes have an ability when jumping from the horse, for example the nodachi makes a cut that stuns the enemy hero, well used you can incapacitate 4 heroes or more, adding their other two stuns to form a lethal class).

Skills can generally be divided into hero-killing skills and troop-killing skills.
AOE abilities are skewed towards troop-killing, while stun and knockback effects are skewed towards hero-killing.

Please note that some skills require investment in other skill lines, check the requirements first. Find the best game tier lists and game guides at Theclashify. Level up your gameplay today.

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