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Looking for Crab Champions Guide Wiki? You are at the right place, In this article. we will give you some Crab Champions Beginner Guides. After many years of development, Crab Champions has finally been released in Early access.

Crab Champions is a fast-paced shooter game that also with some roguelike. You can travel through various islands, defeat enemies, collect loot, and become more powerful. You can unlock skins by completing challenges, There are so many weapons in the game and 3 core game modes.

In this Crab Champions guide Wiki, we’ll include a full walkthrough of the Game and a List of Weapons, as well as reveal the Bosses. In addition, our guide answers FAQs and offers some Help for a few of the more vague aspects and mechanics of the game.

Crab Champions Guide Wiki


In Crab Champions, weapons are the main tool of fighting. In Crab Champions, your gun is divided into archetypes that each offer a variety of abilities you can employ to engage in your brand of gunplay.

With the addition of Rarities and Perks, each archetype will have a distinct subfamily of collectable weaponry throughout the course of the game. When a clip or magazine runs out, weapons can be reloaded manually or mechanically. Few weapons of a particular rarity have been verified.

Crab Champions List of Weapons


  • Banana Pistol
  • Seagle


  • Sheller


  • Bamboo Rifle
  • Beam Rifle
  • Palm Rifle



Semi Auto Rifle


  • Bamboo Shotgun (Rare)
  • Claw Shotgun (Rare)



Perks are upgrades that are available only for Survival, and you can find them in chests, Tony’s Shop, and even on foes if you have Rare Treasure. In a survival run, they improve your general aptitudes, such as enemy debuffs and award luck.

Weapon-related perks will boost their effectiveness and are generally applicable throughout your run.


Biomes are different types of areas that you can find while playing the game. Each one has its theme, advantages, and challenges. In Survival mode, there are 10 levels in each biome, and the Day-Night cycle is random.

When you land on an island, you’ll start at the entrance level and see a short cutscene.

Crab Champions Biomes List 

  • Cheese
  • Cloud
  • Crypt
  • Crystal Caves
  • Desert
  • Forest
  • Hive
  • Mushroom
  • Sand
  • Snow/Ice
  • Storm
  • Swamp
  • Temple
  • Triangle
  • Treasure
  • Volcano


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