CRK Frost Queen Toppings 2022 Guide, Build & Skills

Hello everyone, we’re here with Frost Queen Toppings 2022, This time we will show you Frost Queen Toppings 2022 Guide. In this Frost Queen Toppings 2022 Guide, we will tell you The best toppings for Frost Queen Cookie in CRK, Continue reading to learn how to make Frost Queen Cookie Toppings 2022.

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CRK Frost Queen Toppings 2022 Guide

Frost Queen Cookie build for toppings

  • X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings (Recommended)
  • X5 Searing Raspberry Toppings(Optional)

X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings are the best Frost Queen Cookie Toppings in the Cookie Run Kingdom. This build allows you to make use of all her chilling abilities in a fight. Frost Queen Cookie is a legendary grade cookie that can freeze foes. She might deal DMG to foes and halt the CD player. Great skill set for slowing down your opponents during battle.

Frost Queen Cookie was released in the first section of the Frost Witch and the Lantern in the Snow update alongside Cotton Cookie. She belongs to the Magic class, and her position is in the Middle. She is the second Legendary Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom to be playable. The Timeless Throne of Ice from the Cozy Snowfall Village theme is her Cookie Decor. Also read here: CRK Cookie Toppings Guide 2022

CRK Frost Queen Toppings 2022 Guide, Build & Skills

CRK Frost Queen Cookie Toppings Build

  • Class – Magic
  • Position – middle
  • Skill – Freezing Squall
    • 18 second Base Cooldown
    • Single hit DMG: 67.8% (+0.92% DMG per level)
    • Frozen for 2.0 sec, afterward deals DMG equal to 271.2% of ATK (+3.69% DMG per level)

Frost Queen Cookie Skill – Frost Queen Cookie is a magical cookie with the Freezing Squall ability. Squirts a squall of freezing energy at all enemies, causing damage and freezing them. Once Frozen, the targets’ Cooldown will be paused, and when thawed, they will take an additional amount of damage. The targets will not take any extra damage if the Freeze debuff is removed. Cookie, the Frost Queen, is impervious to freezing. When Frost Queen Cookie uses her skill, she becomes temporarily immune to interrupting effects.

Frost Queen Team Cookie Run

Best Frost Queen Cookie Team Comp

  • Holly Berry Cookies
  • Sea Fairy Cookies
  • Cocoa Cookies
  • Frost Queen Cookie
  • Cotton Cookie


  • Old pilgrim scroll
  • Squishy Jelly Watch
  • Suger Swan Shining Feather

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