Cross Summoner R Guide 2023 – Tier List & Reroll

Hi guys, welcome to our Cross Summoner R Guide 2023, In this Cross Summoner R Guide Wiki, we will tell you Cross Summoner Tier List and Cross Summoner R Best Characters Tier List.

This Gacha Game is now released, So come and take a look at this Cross Summoner R Guide Wiki – Tier List & Reroll Guide.

Cross Summoner R Guide 2023 – Beginner Guide

How to reroll fast in Cross Summoner R?

  • After creating a guest account, play through Chapters 1–7 of the tale. To save time, press “skip” whenever it appears during the story.
  • To receive 15 free pulls on the Advanced banner, use the gift codes SUMNR10, CSRFB200, and CSRFB300.
  • Whoever you choose to pluck here is irrelevant; if you receive any SSR units, I would preserve the account and proceed to step 3.
  • complete understanding of Chapter 1. The infinite 10x summoning banner, which can grant you up to two SSR units, is now available to you.
  • The Archer girl Arik will always be one of the SSR if you pull two SSR in a single 10-pull.
  • Up to three complete characters may be pulled (e.g 2x SSR and 1x SR, but this is insanely rare). You’ll frequently wind up pulling simply 2x SSR and calling it a day.

Cross Summoner R Tier List Wiki

Name Rarity Total /10
Reid SSR 10.00
Asuka UR 9.86
Bormea UR 9.71
Luna SR 9.71
Sassafras UR 9.71
Alwin UR 9.29
Rasheed SR 9.00
Sharifah SSR 9.00
Rill SSR 9.00
Rabad SSR 8.57
Irina SSR 8.57
Karen SR 8.43
Lamia SR 8.43
Saizou SSR 8.43
Verginita SR 8.43
Arik SSR 8.00
Brazos SSR 8.00
Ruzha SR 7.86
Rorche SSR 7.86
Luschut UR 7.86
Matoi SR 7.86
Mira SSR 7.71
Jack SR 7.71
Scherzo SSR 7.43
Yuugiri SR 7.29
Johann SR 7.29
Leicester R 7.29
Eris R 7.29
Fortis R 7.00
Victor SR 7.00
Momohime R 7.00
Lyrica R 7.00

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