Dark Cacao Cookie Toppings Guide 2022

Hello everyone, we’re here with Dark Cacao Cookie Toppings 2022, This time we will show you Dark Cacao Cookie Toppings Guide 2022. In this Dark Cacao Toppings Guide, we will tell you The Best toppings for Dark Cacao in the Cookie Run Kingdom, Continue reading to learn how to make Dark Cacao Cookie Toppings 2022.

So come and take a look at this Dark Cacao Cookie Toppings 2022 Guide. Also read here: CRK Frost Queen Toppings 2022 Guide, Build & Skills

Dark Cacao Cookie Toppings Guide 

  • Swift Chocolate Toppings(Provisional)
  • Solid Almond Toppings(Provisional)

CRK Dark Cacao Cookie (Daku-kakao Kuki in Korean) is an Ancient Hero who will be launched with Affogato Cookie. He is a member of the Charge class, and his position is at the front of the line.

Dark Cacao Cookie is the Dark Cacao Kingdom’s founder and ruler. He is also Dark Choco Cookie’s father, though he disowned him after Dark Choco Cookie destroyed the Kingdom. Also, read here: Affogato Cookie Toppings Guide

CRK Dark Cacao Cookie Skill

Swings the Grapejam Chocoblade with great force, causing thunder and lighting to inflict damage upon foes in range. This mighty attack reduces enemies’ ATK, DEF and inflicts Zap and Injury. Injured foes will have reduced Max HP, and the injury debuff ignores immunity and dispelling effects not mentioning Injury specifically. While Dark Cacao Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.

16 second base Cooldown
First hit DMG: 46.9%
Second hit DMG: 265.8%
Passive Debuff Resist +20.0%
-15.0% DEF for 9.0 sec
-10.8% ATK for 9.0 sec
Injury: 12.5% Max HP Reduction for 30.0 sec (from the start of the battle), Injury limit up to 25%
Zap: 3.0% DMG every 1.0 sec for 9.0 sec. Nullifies HP shield.

Dark Cacao Cookie Description

“The last bean came down from a withered branch of a lonely cocoa tree growing above the edge of a cliff, devoid of any sweetness.” This bean didn’t know it was destined to become the main component in the cold and reclusive Dark Cacao Cookie while lying in frozen earth, surviving snow and wind.

Dark Cacao Cookie held the Grapejam Chocoblade, a weapon of unimaginable power. This sword weighed so much that it took three ordinary Cookies to even move it.

The skies erupted in thunder and lightning with each swing, and avalanches swept down numerous mountains. Dark Cacao Cookie was known for being a cookie with few words but a lot of heart. The warrior hid himself away in the loneliness of his own fortress after the tragic events of the Dark Flour War… “Will anything be able to thaw his ice-cold soul?”