Darkest Dungeon 2 Lair Bosses Guide – How to beat

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Welcome to Darkest Dungeon 2 Lair Bosses Guide, In this article you learn about How to beat lair boss in Darkest Dungeon 2. This article is shared by DolphinChemist.

So come and take a look at this Darkest Dungeon 2 Lair Bosses Guide – How to beat lair boss.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Lair Bosses Guide – How to beat

How do I beat lair boss?

Tangle (Sleeping General):

During the fight, all heroes will have at minimum one stack of Tangled Growth. Two heroes will gain one stack each every turn.

Hitting Tap Root in rank 4 removes one stack from a hero. Plan to hit Tap Root twice every turn.

AOE (like PD’s Plague Grenade or MAA’s Bellow) will also count as “hitting” the Tap Root, even if no damage is done.

Consumables targeting the Tap Root will also count as “hits” against the Tap Root. Equip your heroes with these consumables before you enter the lair.

The Sleeping General now causes bleed, so bleed resist trinket and bleed heals are more valuable in this fight.

Foetor (Baby):

This fight revolves around a debuff named “The Hunger” which will cause whoever has it to move up one row and waste an action if they reach the front row.

The small meat will debuff your back 2 rows; the big meat will debuff your front two rows.

Generally it is easier to manage the backrow being debuffed, so kill the big meat first.

After killing the big meat, focus down the baby. Killing both meats will cause the baby to do its strongest attack each turn.

Because the baby’s worst attacks are from the front row, pushing the baby back or rooting it in the back does wonders.

Sprawl (Librarian):

The Librarian spawns in Rank 4, with books spawning in Ranks 1, 2 and 3. The Librarian will slowly damage/destroy the books.

Once the Librarian reaches rank 1, he will begin spamming a devastating AOE ability that will clearly kill your team.

To avoid this, simply kill the Librarian before he reaches Rank 1. It’s important to have DPS that can reach the backlines.

The Librarian tends to spam Dodge and Blind abilities – try using consumables to “spend” the Blind tokens first, or Milk-Soaked linens to cure the blindness.

Shroud (Leviathan):

Leviathan is the hardest Lair boss in my experience. Worth avoiding if you can.

Move resist can prevent your heroes from being pulled under. Hard to get enough Move Resist to make it reliable.

Enough damage to one-shot or two-shot the hand is critical, otherwise your heroes will fall behind.

How do I beat the 3rd region boss? (Exemplar)

Before killing the Exemplar, there are two other priorities: killing the altar in the 4th rank and managing the combo tokens.

Given how important killing the altar first is, it’s good to have a team that can easily hit the back row. Plan ahead for this.

To manage the combo tokens, use Guard (MAA), Taunt (Hellion), Stealth (Grave Robber).

Smoke Bombs – the consumables that applies Blind – are handy in this fight to stop the Exemplar from getting his combo off. Stockpile as many as you can.

How do I beat chapter boss?

Chapter 1 Boss

At the beginning of each round, one lock at random will use its “Denial” ability.

“Denial” will prevent each melee attacks, ranged attacks, heals, or stress heals.

Traditionally, I find the best kill order to be killing the melee lock (Lion) then ranged (Arrows) then heal lock (Cross) then stress heal lock (Circle)

Clarifying Poultice, the Stun Resist inn item, is extremely valuable for this fight – save/buy 4 to give one of each to each hero (or more).

Like most bosses, Healing Salve (an early combat item unlock (Level 5)) does wonders for keeping your heroes alive.

Chapter 2 Boss

The most important gimmick of this fight is doing enough damage to rank 1 and/or rank 4 each turn to prevent a massive AOE.

At the beginning of each round, the boss will use either Shallow Breath or Deep Breath.

Shallow Breath will expand one lung; Deep Breath will expand both lungs.

Deep Breath becomes much more likely when the boss reaches low health.

If either lung is still “full” at the end of a round, the boss will do a huge AOE.

The front row lung takes 12 damage to disrupt, the back row lung takes 9.

Rank 1 and 4 are immune to DOT, so don’t bother trying.

Damage is the most important thing in this fight; the player can’t out tank the boss’s ultimate. If a hero can do enough damage to disrupt the front or back lung in one action, the fight gets easier.

Chapter 3 Boss

The first phase of this boss focuses on managing the unique tokens that the eye stalks given.

Whenever the stalk takes an action, it will grow 1 or 2 ranks. Once all stalks are rank 3 (biggest possible), the fight will enter the second phase.

Try to get as many eye tokens as possible on 1 or 2 characters – preferably your tank(s).

The eye stalk in a given rank will always attempt to apply their token to the hero in the same rank (e.g. rank 3 eye stalk targets rank 3 hero).

Use guarding abilities to concentrate your tokens on one hero and kill the eye stalks that have given tokens where you don’t want the tokens to be. Killing the stalk resets the token completely.

As of v1.0, taunt abilities will not work in the first phase, but guarding, dodging and switch positions will still work.

Try to stack as many positive tokens as you can before entering the second phase.

In the second phase (after all stalks have grown), the eye will use Limerence, an extremely powerful attack that can crit for 60, on whichever hero(es) have the orange tokens. This is why you only want one 1 or 2 heroes to be targeted.

Important to note that Blind has NO EFFECT on Limerence – it might be applied but the attack will never miss because of Blind.

Luckily, weak, dodge and block are still viable strategies for mitigating Limerence on your tank.

That’s it for this Darkest Dungeon 2 Lair Bosses Guide – How to beat

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