Dawnlands Bosses Guide – How to Defeat Bosses Tips

Welcome to Dawnlands Bosses Guide, Today we will show you How to Defeat bosses in Dawnlands. In this article, we will explain the Unique Attack of each boss and How to play against them.

So come and take a look at this Dawnlands Bosses Guide – How to Defeat Bosses Guide.

Dawnlands Bosses Guide – How to Defeat Bosses Tips

Here are some strategies to defeat bosses in Dawnlands, if you are having a hard time dealing with them.

1. KENDA – The Charging Menace

Unique Attack: Charged Attack


Use the environment to your advantage. Let Kenda’s charged attack hit the boulders around the sealing base to momentarily stun him.

This is your chance to unleash melee attacks on the stunned Kenda.

Remember to always hide behind the boulders. Kenda does not circle around it.

Keep a bow handy. If you can dodge Kenda’s charge, the bow can deal massive damage.

2. GUYA – The Shroom Queen

Unique Attacks: Shroom Mobs Spawn & Ranged Poison Attack


By now, you should have your first follower. Equip them well, as they can tank the boss and its mobs.

Forget melee for this fight. The bow, coupled with Atk Potion S and a good stock of arrows, will make this battle a lot easier.

Let your follower tank, while you unleash arrow barrages from a distance.

3. EDIE – The Whirlwind of Despair

Unique Attacks: Whirlwind, Undodgeable Laser, Long-range Smash


Preparation is the key. Grind to level 19 and arm yourself with fully enhanced bronze armor.

Stock up on consumables and potions before the battle. Strong wheat is a blessing in this fight, making Edie’s attacks almost harmless.

Use ranged attacks to nullify Edie’s smash attack. Target the boulder he holds to render it useless.

4. LYND – The Poisonous Behemoth

Unique Attacks: Poison Spray, Hoof Stomp, Poison Shower


Lynd has a mountain of HP. To stand a chance, gather six sealing stones to significantly weaken him.

Equip Attack Potion S/M, Dandelion Wine, and your preferred melee weapons.

Always stay on Lynd’s side or behind. This will often cause him to spin aimlessly, allowing you to chip away at his health safely.

Comparison: With the sealing stones, you can turn a 40-50 minute battle into a 5-minute skirmish.

5. NIEDNER – The Soaring Frost

Unique Attacks: Frost Breath, Frost Spear, Earth Spike, Charge


Understand Niedner’s patterns before fully committing. Use this understanding phase to practice dodging and timing your attacks.

Find the right windows to attack: post-frost spear dodge, after taking earth spike damage, and during frost breath casting.

Keep a healthy stock of weapons, consumables, and trinkets.

Equip your follower with Cold Resistance Armor Set and use them to distract Niedner while you deal damage.

Mini Cheese: Distance yourself from Niedner during his Frost Breath attack, causing your follower to teleport away and avoid taking damage.

Final Tips:

Always be aware of your surroundings. Consumables are invaluable. Stock up!

Know your strengths and weapons, and play to them. Each boss has a rhythm. Find it, exploit it, and dominate the fight.

That’s it for this Dawnlands Bosses Guide – How to Defeat Bosses Tips

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