Dear Ella Beginner Guide 2023 Wiki – Hero Skills & Gear

Hi guys, Welcome to our Dear Ella Beginner Guide Wiki, In this Dear Ella Beginner Guide Wiki, we will tell you about Dear Ella Adventure, Dungeon, Arena, and Much More. Dear Ella is Free to Plat NFT game and Dear, Ella is available for download on mobile devices through the Google Play Store or the App Store.

So come and take a look at this Dear Ella Beginner Guide Wiki – Hero Skills & Gear

Dear Ella Beginner Guide Wiki – Hero Skills & Gear


As a group leader, you embark on an expedition to Esperansa Kingdom with Princess Ella and other heroes. Adventure mode is divided into two parts: Adventure (Normal/Elite) and Battle.


As Ella and her companions face Zenon’s minions in Esperansa Kingdom, several narratives will emerge. As you go through the game, more fascinating heroes will join your cause. By winning battles, you can earn numerous prizes such as upgraded/Enhance Materials and gear. Upgrade your heroes and gear to take on ever more challenging challenges.


As you continue through Adventure, you will unlock Elite difficulty, where you will confront even greater obstacles.

There is a daily restriction to how many times you may tackle Elite stages, and win prizes including Rubies and Upgrade Materials.

By completing previous stages, the complexity rises, allowing you to gain better grades in Rubies, Ethers, and Runes.

Dear Ella Beginner Guide Wiki - Hero Skills & Gear


The battle consists of 7 types of dungeons Except for the Arena, each dungeon contains a bonus that may be triggered by select heroes.

Add these heroes to your party to have access to even more high-level goodies. In addition, harder dungeons will be unlocked based on your Adventure progress as well as your achievements in other modes.

In higher difficulties, a broader choice of prizes is offered.

Event Dungeons

You can obtain numerous Upgrade Materials in Event Dungeons, such as EXP Potions and Inscription Runes. To unlock the next stage in this mode, you must first complete the previous difficulty level. Each dungeon has a daily attempt limit, so plan ahead of time with methods.

Forgotten Mine

You may acquire Gold in Forgotten Mine, which is one of the most essential currencies in the game. Gold is typically utilized to improve heroes and gear, and it contributes to your overall progress.

While you may acquire gold in Adventure, the Forgotten Mine will provide you with massive quantities of gold all at once.

Higher difficulty zones are unlocked as you continue through the Adventure. Play at higher difficulties to get more Gold.

Ancient Temple

The Ancient Temple is a dungeon where you may obtain resources for creating equipment. This mode is only accessible for a limited time each day, and the following difficulty level is unlocked only once you have completed 100% of the previous stage.

As you progress through the difficulty levels, the drop rates and grades of resources for creating Uncommon Gear will rise.


Arena is a PvP mode divided by seasons. Create parties and Chain Skills depending on your opponent’s characteristics and challenge them to a fight. Win streaks will award you Battle Rewards as well as Rank Rewards.

  • Battle Reward: Honor Coins may be gained after each Arena battle. They may be exchanged for different products at the Honor Shop. (This will be updated)
  • Rank Reward: Based on your Arena Rank, you can earn Crystals, Gems, and Honor Coins.

Land of Illusions

In Land of Illusions, you have a limited amount of attempts every day to vanquish monsters masquerading as heroes.

Earn Rubies for utilizing Chain Skills successfully a specified number of times. The quantity of Rubies you obtain is determined by the dungeon’s difficulty level and your Chain Skill results.

Ice Queen’s Nightmare

Ice Queen’s Nightmare is a dungeon in which you may obtain Gear Enhancement Materials and recipes for Epic gear.

This material is accessible for a limited period each day, and greater challenges become available as you go through Adventure. Earn Gear Enhancement Materials on easier levels and Epic Gear crafting recipes on harder difficulties.

Kaimora’s Megafurnace

Kaimora’s Megafurnace is a dungeon where you can use “Kaimora’s Breath,” which can only be refined in the Megafurnace, to make strong Gear.

Your group is divided into the Front Team and the Rear Team in this mode, and you must combat creatures who spawn through the portal and are drawn to the Megafurnace’s mana.

Deploy ten heroes and withstand enemy attacks for three minutes while Kaimora’s Breath is perfected. Simone’s participation in this dungeon is critical, since more Kaimora’s Breath Rewards will be granted as a bonus dependent on Simone’s Rank.

In Kaimora’s Megafurnace, you can also acquire “General Exclusive Gear,” which may be shared by all heroes.


Bonds may be activated by combining heroes gained through Summon. Bonds give Bond Effects that improve with hero level and hero combination. Bond Effects and Collection Effects stack.

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