New Deepwoken Oath Tier List 2024 – Best Magic Tier List

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Searching for the Deepwoken Oath Tier List 2024? You are in the correct spot. You can see the Deepwoken Oath Tier List 2024  here. Oaths are a special kind of Talent Card that is available in Deepwoken, but each character is only allowed to acquire one Oath.

In Deepwoken Verse 2, There are currently nine obtainable Oaths and as per our tier list Dawnwalker, Oathless, and Contractor are the best Oath in Deepwoken. So come and take a look at this Deepwoken Verse 2 Oath Tier List.

Deepwoken Oath Tier List 2024 – Best Oath on Verse 2

  • Oathless – Tier S
  • Dawnwalker – Tier S
  • Contractor – Tier A
  • Jetstriker – Tier A
  • Blindseer – Tier B
  • Arcwarder – Tier B
  • Visionshaper – Tier B
  • Starkindred – Tier C
  • Linkstrider – Tier C

Deepwoken Magic Tier List 2024

Spell Building Mechanic

To change the name a spell, a player must use recall a spell Mantra (can be done at a campfire), and place the spell on a Mantra table.

There they can also modify it with certain stones/shards, such as a Cloudstone.

After this, the player must say the name in chat and press E to interact, at which the spell will be modified. If at any point the player moves too far away or takes too long, the interaction will have failed.

Below are all known magic modifiers and their effects:

Please note not all modifiers work with every spell

Aeon Logstone – Makes effects last longer

Eternal Logstone – Better version of Aeon Logstone

Drift Shard – Makes mantras (mainly projectiles) move faster

Rush Shard – Better version of Drift Shard

Crystal Lens – Increases range of weapons

Perfect Lens – Better version of Crystal Lens

Cloudstone – Makes your mantra effects larger in size

Stratus Stone – Better version of Cloudstone

Amnesiac Driftwood – Removes all modifiers on a mantra

Vibrant Gem – Makes flames burn more intensively, ice freezes better, etc (elemental boosts)

Blast Spark – Certain mantras (like clones) will explode

wind gem – speed after hitting

bloodless gem – lifesteal

wayward – teleport to opponent when using the skill

blue gem – less ether to use move

Reversal Spark – “Reverses” certain moves effects (example: a galebreathe move that usually pushes people away, now pulls people)

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