Defense Derby Heroes Guide Wiki – Best Heroes & Factions

Welcome to our Defense Derby Heroes Guide Wiki. With over 15+ playable Heroes to choose from in Heroes, many players might struggle to find the one character that suits their specific playstyle.

Each Defense Derby Hero has several distinct abilities and skills that can take time to master. Add that to the fact that players will need to learn every Hero’s skills so that they can counter them at the right time in a heated fight.

Our complete Hero guide for Defense Derby has been updated with a ‘how to play’ guide for the new character, giving players a rundown on their abilities, advantages, and disadvantages.

That’s where this guide comes into play. By using our complete Defense Derby Hero guide, You will learn the ins and outs of all the playable Heroes.

As KRAFTON, Inc continues to add heroes to the game over time, this guide will be updated with fresh information for our readers.

If you’re just starting out in the world of Defense Derby, you’re not alone. Many players have made their first play Use our Defense Derby Guide to get some more general tips that can usually be applied across all classes and characters.

Defence Derby Heroes Guide Wiki (Best Heroes List)

  • Scarlet – Human
  • Leon – Human
  • Merham – Human
  • Gruvo – Beast
  • Osborn – Beast
  • Aella – Beast
  • Elgry – Spirit
  • Nalyn – Spirit
  • Seria – Spirit

Scarlet – Human

Scarlet is a  pirate captain possessing outstanding leadership and charisma, Scarlet commanded the attention of those around her since her youth.

She rules the Cobalt Sea with her handpicked crew. Her bright, playful nature cannot hide her abilities as a crack shot.

Leon – Human

Seven years ago, King Leon Hart was crowned as Mahag’s ruler. During his reign, he utilized his resourcefulness and tenacity to defend the peace throughout his kingdom.

He exudes wisdom by his serious and solemn personality.

Merham – Human

Merham is a half-human mage, gifted with extraordinary magical prowess. The blood of the legendary monster, Proud, runs through his veins.

Merham normally has a dignified personality, but the half-monster side of him influences him to act explosively.

Gruvo – Beast

A devout priest within the Temple of Thunder, Gruvo possesses the power of lightning, passed down to him by his ancestors.

Although his ability to manipulate lightning is unmatched, he is mostly known for his valorous deeds and courage.

Osborn – Beast

Brimming with confidence, Osborn has great pride in his country and ambitions. He strongly believes that one must face true adversity to increase their skills. He will never give up until he becomes the best.

That’s it for this Defense Derby Heroes Guide Wiki – Best Heroes & Factions.

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