Defense Derby Tier List Wiki – Best Units & Characters

If you are confused about which Defense Derby characters are the best from every faction, don’t worry – Our Defense Derby Tier List highlights the best hero and what makes them special.

Defense Derby global release brings balance changes and new characters in game and with the new changes resulting in some shake-ups both big and small when it comes to selecting Defence Derby heroes.

But for new players or people looking to grind through up the competitive ladder, which Defense Derby hero you pick does matter.

It’s also important to keep in mind that some characters in our Defense Derby Tier List are relatively universal, while others are better or worse depending on the Defense Derby game modes.

Defense Derby is a new game available for Android and iOS, with so many heroes to choose from across two different classes and Factions.

With this expansive roster, it’s understandably tough to decide which are the best characters to play with in Defense Derby. Luckily, we’ve got you covered by ranking all the characters from best to worst, so you don’t have to. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details.

On the other side, if you’re new to Defense Derby and looking for an in, you could combine this list with our Defense Derby Gudie for beginners in order to get off to a quick start.

Defense Derby Tier List Ranking Meaning

Defense Derby Tier list

This Defense Derbytier list will assist you in finding the best characters for your team. The characters in this tier list are listed under five levels explained as follows:

S-Tier: The so-called “meta” characters in the game. These are the best, strongest characters to use.

A-Tier: These Defense Derby characters are pretty good, offering a solid chance at clearing the game’s content no matter the situation.

B-Tier: These are viable Defense Derby characters, although they aren’t as strong as the S- or A-tier characters.

C-Tier: These Defense Derby characters aren’t too terrible, but they should be replaced by better ones as soon as you can.

D-Tier: You should avoid these characters and only use them for emergencies or if you don’t have a character to fill in a specific role.

Defense Derby Tier List Wiki

Defense Derby is a mobile gacha game Hence, it becomes really important to use the best characters available and spend the resources on them wisely.

Every hero in Defense Derby has a unique playstyle which is why team building can be overwhelming for even veterans. Here’s a tier list of the best characters in Defense Derby to help you make the strongest team.

Tier S (15-14 coins) – Top Tier Heroes

In this current meta, these are the best Defense Derby characters that you can play with. If they are fully upgraded and used wisely, they will help you win many battles.

Frost mage: Slowdown specialist, with a 70% slow rate at 3 stars, making enemies easy targets.

Archer: High versatility and damage. Notable for 700% attack speed boost at 3 stars with only 1 second downtime. Great synergy with Amazon for unparalleled damage.

Floral mage: Specializes in long-range, single-target damage. Comparable to a ranged dendroid.

Windy: Consistent high-damage dealer and versatile character. Comparable to Floral mage.

Tier A (13-12 coins) – High Tier Heroes

The tier A Defense Derby are among the strongest in the game and will prove to be very useful in clearing most stages. You should upgrade them as much as possible because they’re still useful even when playing through the endgame.

Apprentice: Delivers the highest AOE damage in the game after set up time.

Swordsman: AOE damage dealer that is easy to set up.

Venomvine Witch: Deadly domino effect: once one unit falls, the rest follow quickly.

Gargoyle: Fast application of pushback mines providing both reliable damage and utility.

Viking: The highest single target melee damage dealer (from 2 stars and up), with a 90% chance at 3 stars.

Elephant bomber: Delivers the largest pushback but has slow attacks.

Paladin: Long-range stunner, perfect for taking out bosses. Synergizes well with Apprentice.

Owlmancer: Critical for beast bosses but weaker against ping-pong strategies.

Fire mage: Great for AOE damage in early to mid-game.

Dendroid: A Floral mage in melee form.

Salamander: Specializes in very high AOE damage.

Tier B (11-10 coins) – Mid Tier Heroes

These are your average Defense Derby characters. They’re not spectacular, but they’ll help you get the job done.

Divine Warden: Good for killing bosses and average against regular units.

Meow mage: Provides a strong boost to adjacent units. Average personal damage.

Pygmea Yeti: Long-range stun is useful against bosses, but relies on other units for actual boss killing.

Dragon: Delivers good AOE damage, but attack speed is a bit slow.

Amazon: Best late-game buffer. Worth 15 coins late in the game.

Rifleman: Average long-range single-target damage, but can be effective against bosses when combined with crit.

Valkyrie: Healing ability can make a big difference in the long run of a match.

Wendigo: Average slow and melee damage.

Golem: Delivers low damage and unreliable stun, but it’s an AOE stun which can sometimes be handy.

Mermaid: Not enough damage for a single target melee with no utility.

Cannoneer: Initial damage is good, but it declines over time.

Lupine: Delivers high single-target damage, but requires extensive coordination.

Cold Bow: Hits up to 3 units at a time.

Tier C (9 coins) – Low Tier Heroes

The characters in this tier are not the worst in Defense Derby, but they are also not that good either. They are slightly below average in terms of power.

Minotaur: Crit buff is very useful once you have a team already set up. No personal damage or utility.

Mouse: The coin-collecting feature is cool in theory, but rarely effective in practice.


The weakest characters in our Defense Derby tier list. We do not recommend using them.

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This is a wrap. Hope this Defense Derby Tier List helped you find the best characters in the current meta. But make sure to return to this page as we keep updating the list every time a new character drops.

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